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4 Tiers Wedding Cake Sizes and Types

4 Tiers Wedding Cake Sizes and Types – 4 tiers wedding cake is an ideal type of wedding cake can be served in the wedding day. It will give beautiful side in the wedding day, and actually make the bride feel so happy and satisfied. Sometime, a bride

Camo Wedding Cakes, Are You Sure? – Are you looking for unusual ideas for your wedding? Or are you looking for a sense of personal touch on your wedding cakes? Try camo cakes for wedding. Whether either the bride or groom is a soldier or you just interested in having unusual wedding

4 Tiers Sponge Wedding Cake Recipe

Having ability to make and design wedding cakes is a great experience for every people. When you can make wedding cakes, you can help other people who search for the best wedding cake. One type of wedding cakes that is very popular is tier wedding cake. Tier

4 Tier Wedding Cake Taste Ideas

4 Tier Wedding Cake Taste Ideas – Wedding is one of the most special and memorable time for everyone. So, all of people want to do the best for their wedding party. They prepare everything such as the decoration, dress, invitation, and of course about the cake.

Cake Designing, make your own wedding cake

Make your own wedding cake – Making your own wedding cake?, it might be a simple subject. But there’s more to it, not only the cake must taste good but also need to actually suits your wedding ceremony. There are several steps need to be taking account

Camouflage Wedding Cakes, Unique but Not New

Camouflage Wedding Cakes, Unique but Not New – Wedding cake come in all shape and size including some unusual one like camouflage cakes for wedding. It’s literally a wedding cake but with some additional “features” like British army’s now retired DPM pattern or “ghili suited” wedding cake