is a blog about wedding planning ideas that was born at the end of 2015. This in established in December 2015 and will consistently presenting quality information which will discuss topics comprehensively on wedding planning ideas, wedding ring ideas, wedding shoes ideas, wedding dress ideas, wedding cake ideas, wedding invitation ideas and others.

Currently the development of wedding planner industry in the world is growing, thus making us eager to make a container or a place to share information that is useful to everyone.
Presenting information to discuss the weeding planning, which would certainly make best wedding planning, because getting inspiration inspiration from the works of the publish on the internet.

Founder : Irfan Arif Bachdim &  Muhamad Imam Syaifur

Writer :

  1. Aliando Fadli (Leader)
  2. Muhamad Imam Syaifur (Crew)
  3. Meida Istiqomah (Crew)

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