Red and White Wedding Cakes, Why Many People Love it? – Wedding is one of the most special events in our life that should be prepared in a good and perfect way. In this growing era, some people are willing to spend much more money to make an amazing wedding party. They like to prepare everything, including a nice and beautiful cake. Nowadays there are so many kinds of cake variation that provides much ornament on the cake. They like to use ornament by using edible fondant and edible picture that now is really happening. In the other hand, some people still like some traditional style by using simple cake, like red and white wedding cake.

Red and White Wedding Cakes idea

2016 Red and White Wedding Cakes Idea

There is some interesting part on red and white wedding cake that can still attract many people. Beside the color combination, this wedding cake is a simple healthy cake. This cake contains two colors combination, red and white. Less coloring cakes, means less chemical ingredients. For the white color, we can use white coloring food but we can also let the natural white color from the white butter. Beside that, to make it more simply delicious, we can combine the white butter with soft sugars and vanilla powder. If you want some more creamy textures, we can add some milk for the cream. It will make a soft texture for the cakes.

Red And White Best Local Wedding Cake Ideas

Red and White Wedding Cakes poinsettia wedding cake

Red And White Wedding Cake Ideas

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Nowadays, there are some variations for white and red wedding cakethat make it more adorable, especially for the red color. Actually, we can simply put some coloring food to get the red color inside the cake, but nowadays, we can get the red color from the fruits and vegetables. In many ways, we don’t even need to blend the fruits such as strawberry into a soft part. We can just let the strawberry into a hard part and put it inside the wedding cake. It is still beautiful and healthy. Not only for inside of the cake, but we can also put the red fruits like strawberry on the top of the cake or surround the cake surface.

The using of herbal or natural color with fruits is safe for health. Nowadays, there are so many chemical coloring powders that is not safe for our health. That unhealthy chemical powder can be dangerous for our health. After all, red and white wedding cake is still become one of the most favorite wedding cake. It is simple, beautiful, and not too expensive. Even though that it doesn’t have much more ornament for the topping, but it still catchy and suitable for your elegant wedding.

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