Short Hairstyle for Wedding – Nowadays, we ever see many short hairstyles. Even we can see many short hair styles for wedding ! Are you bored with your long hairstyle ?  Or you spend a lot of time while you take care of your hair ? And you want to try new simple hairstyle ? Like short hairstyle, maybe ? Well,  then you make a good choice. Short hairstyle is really simple, has many variations, and easy to care too.

2016 Short Natural Bridal Hairstyle

2016 Short Natural Bridal Hairstyle

Short hairstyle can be your best choice since this hairstyle doesn’t require much care time. So if you’re a career woman, who is really busy and time is a very precious thing, you can go to your favorite and daily salon and ask them to turn your hair into short hairstyle. You can choose mid-length cut (if you still feel guilty to cut your hair into short hair), bob cut style or even pixie cut style!

2016 Short Natural Hair With Flower Crown For Wedding

2016 Short Natural Hair With Flower Crown For Wedding

How About Short Hairstyle ?

So, now already know about short hairstyle. Do you ever think about a short hairstyle for wedding? Yes! If you have short hair, and you’ll get married, then you can try to have pretty short hairstyle on your wedding.

Short Hairstyle For Wedding

Short Hairstyle For Wedding

Is that possible? Of course yes! Let see some beautiful short hairstyle that’ll be great for your wedding.

Perfect Hairstyle for Your Wedding

Let’s take a look closer to various short hairstyle for wedding.

Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair for Wedding

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This is one of short hairstyle you can try for your wedding. Short curly hair is really beautiful, simple and elegant! Add the tiara or you can change it to flower crown and you’re ready walk down the aisle!

Sleek Bobbed Hair

Sleek Bobbed Hair for Wwedding

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This is also a simple short hairstyle for your most beautiful day. Simple and elegant, and also add mature looks to your appearance! Why not try this hairstyle on your wedding day? You can add headpiece or veil plus net to make your appearance more stunning.


Shaggy Pixie Hair for Wedding

Look at this hairstyle! If you dare to be different, or if you love a little bit rock looks, then you can try this shaggy-pixie style. Unique, unusual, and still looks simple. You can add headpiece on your hair and you’re ready to look gorgeous on your wedding day.

Retro Style

Retro Style Hair for wedding

This is also a unique hairstyle you can choose. Retro hairstyle is elegant, Add perfection appearance with big white headband; heavy eye makeup and red sexy lipstick and you’re ready to make your wedding guest amazed.

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