Five Easy Beautiful Updos for Long Hair Wedding – Do you have long hair? What is your favorite long hairstyle ?Have long hair can be a very pleasant thing. You can try many style, make some experience to a new haircut. So having long hair can be a good opportunity to try the latest hair mode. So, what’s your favorite hair style? Long curly hair, braids, or just ties your hair with a ponytail style ?

Gelin Saç Modelleri

Having long hair also can be a good thing in your wedding day. Why? Because you can try many beautiful hairstyle! Let’s see some updos for long hair. You also can try them on your wedding day!

Amanda Seyfried Simple Braided updos for long hair

Long Hair Wedding Styles

Half-Curly Style

Curly Long Hair Updos For Long Hair Wedding

Wow,this is a beautiful hairstyle! This is the first updos for long hairyou can try. Half-curly is a really simple hairstyle. Let your guests see your elegant appearance and feel amazed! You can add beautiful on the back of your hair.

Trinagle Style

Triangle Style hairstyle for Wedding

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Look at this beautiful hairdo! Not only looks pretty, but elegant too! For the finishing, add beautiful hairpin on the back to enhance your appearance. Now you’re ready to walk down the aisle with your husband.

Fishtail Hairstyle

Fishtail Hairstyle For Wdding - Updos For Long Hair

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If you like braiding hair, you can try this hairstyle on your wedding day. This is another braiding style that will look very pretty when you walk down the aisle. With bangs are in the front of the hair, and then followed by the braid. It’s looks elegant yet awesome! Let this elegant and beautiful hairstyle catch your guest’s attention.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style updos for long hair wedding

If you want to try different style, then you can try this Bohemian style on your wedding. With unique and stunning headband and earrings, bring a new fresh style in the most beautiful day in your life. Stunning headband and earring give unique feelings and also can impress the guest. This is also is a stylish hairstyle.

Curly and Classic Style

Curly and Classic Style Medium Hairstyle With Tiara - Updos For Long Hair Wedding

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This is the next hairstyle you may love. This curly and classic hairstyle is never out of date. Simple, elegant, and looks really beautiful. You’ll look like a goddess while having this hairstyle! This is also a beautiful hairstyle if you choose sleeveless wedding dress because it’ll further highlight your hairstyle.

So, how do you thing about the wedding updos for long hairabove? Which one is your favorite? Each hairstyle has its own charms and can be a good choice when you walk down the aisle with your loving one.

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