Cheap Simple Wedding Dress, Choosing the Right One with Limited Budget – Wedding dress is an important thing in the wedding. This is the first thing to buy when you decide to get married. You want your wedding day memorable with a beautiful dress.

But sometimes, choosing a wedding dress can make us confused. If your budgets are limited, then you should decide to buy a wedding dress according to the budget that you have. Not over the budget, but still get a beautiful and elegant dress.

Let’s see some cheap simple wedding gown below so you don’t have to worry buying wedding dress over the limit!

Beautiful Cheap Simple Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses with a low price doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful and elegant. The tips is, you must to choose a dress that perfect for your budget.You can still look gorgeous in your wedding dress although you have limited budget. Let’s take a look closer to these beautiful affordable simple wedding dress.

Strapless Dress from David Bridal’s Collection ($99)

CHEAP SIMPLE WEDDING DRESS-Strapless Dress from David Bridal_s Collection

This is our first affordablesimple wedding dress. You can buy Strapless Dress from David Bridal’s Collection for just $99! This dress is simple and sweet, but also beautiful too. There’s a sweet green ribbon on the waits (you can choose red ribbon too). This gown is cheap, but still look gorgeous. There’s veil too which makes your appearance more awesome!

Mermaid Dress from Vividress (£99.11)

CHEAP SIMPLE WEDDING DRESS-Mermaid Dress from Vividress

This is a trumpet or mermaid dress from Vividress. This sleeveless chiffon dress is really simple but still looks elegant and captivating. Moreover, you can choose other color too, not only white! There’re five color available: Champagne, ivory, pink, red, silver and of course white. What color will you choose? You can get this dress by paying £99.11.

V-Neck Dress by Aisle Style ($95)


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V-Neck dress by Aisle Style is a classic and county style wedding dress that made from organza. This is perfect for outdoor wedding. There’s a sweet little cap with net that will beautify your appearance more and make your wedding day more special. Interested? You can get this dress by paying only $95!

Impression Dress by The House of Brides ($49.95)

CHEAP SIMPLE WEDDING DRESS-Impression Wedding Dress by The House of Brides

This is the cheapest in this simple wedding dress list. Impression dress is a very beautiful dress offered by The House of Brides. This gown gives elegant and luxurious feels that’ll make your guest amazed by your appearance! There’s flower decoration on the dress which makes this gown looks expensive.

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