Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers, What Kind of Cake I Can Make ? – Wedding is one of the most beautiful parts in our life, so that we need to prepare it perfectly. Actually, there are many kinds of preparation that we should prepare, one of it is a wedding cake. Yes, a wedding cake can be a symbol of the perfect wedding. It can be more even beautiful if we take wedding cake toppers on it. A wedding cake topper can represent the happiness and the figure of the couple. Some years ago it was usually created by using ceramics. It was expensive and of course can’t be eaten. Now and then, as the growing of the technology, we can make cute fantastic wedding cake toppers by using edible fondant. Yes, because of this is edible, it can be eaten. This fondant base toppers, can be a solution, of you want some cheap wedding cake toppers.

baltimore wedding cheap wedding cake toppers

Fondant has a smooth, and firm texture that is really easy to be shaped as an ornament, Not only to capture or reflect the figure of the couple, with this fondant we can be more flexible to make much more designs. The edible fondant is created from powdered sugars that are safe to be eaten. Beside that, you can also use some flavored as you like to this edible fondant. The edible fondant is safe to eat and really cool for your cheap wedding cake toppers.

Beach Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Actually, the price of your fondant cake toppers can be vary, depends on the shape, details, and color that you choose. But, to decrease the budget, you can make a little bit more color combinations, like black and white. It is cheaper yet elegant for your cheap wedding cake toppers. The less color you use, the more simple and elegant cake topper you will get.

cheap wedding cake toppers

Eventhough the fondant cake topper is a base powdered sugar material, we don’t need to be worry about the texture. The shape won’t be melted in a room temperature. So, we don’t need to put the fondant cake toppers into the refrigerator. The texture of the fondant will be frozen when we put it in the room temperature. It won’t be broken and the color will not be faded for more than 2 weeks. This is one of the cheap wedding cake toppers that is cool yet durable.

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Custom Bride and Groom Cake Topper

So, if you want some cheap wedding cake toppers for your wedding party, this fondant cake toppers is one of the best choices. It is colorful, attractive, cool and not old school.

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