Dresses for Wedding Reception, 5 Best Brands You Should Write on the List

Loveweddingplan.com – Wedding reception is a party after the wedding ceremony. You can find many foods and drinks, and especially, wedding cake. So it’s an important event that bring happiness to the bride, bride’s and groom’s families, and guests. The party also full of beautiful dresses. When the dance begins, we’ll see so many elegant dresses dance along the music.

So, how about dresses for wedding reception ? What dress like to wear. Let’s see some beautiful dresses below which can make you happy just by looking at them!

Beautiful Dresses for Wedding Reception

There’re so many choice of beautiful dresses for wedding reception. We’ll see some of them. Tell me what your favorite dress is!

Kiara Dress by BHLDN


This is the first dress. Kiara dress was made by Pankaj and Nidhi from BHLDN. This A-line dress is a sweet dress made from three materials: rayon, polyester and nylon. The design is simple and you can wear this dress with stunning bracelet and necklace, along with suitable shoes.

Simple Dress by Princess Sally

DRESSES FOR WEDDING RECEPTION-simple dress by princess sally

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If you love simple and sweet mini dress, then this sleeveless dress style can be your choice. Made from tulle and organza, with pleat and diamond decoration, create a perfect appearance with stunning bracelet, earring, necklace and shoes in the same color. This is a perfect dress for age 18-25. You’ll look sweet and elegant at the same time while wearing this dress!

Red A-Line Dress by YUE


Dresses for wedding reception not only in white color, but also in other color too. Take a closer look to this elegant red A-line dress by YUE! Made from brocade, this sleeveless gown will delivered elegance; modern and sexiness that can make you look perfect on wedding reception. While you wear this dress, you can feel like a diva!

Pleated Wrap Midi Dress by ASOS Collection


This is another sweet and simple wedding reception dress. Made from polyester, this magenta dress is a sweet choice to wear during the wedding reception. Wear stunning bracelet, earrings, and necklace to make your appearance perfect. Gold clutch will make your appearance look more glamorous and elegant.

Skater Dress by Missguided

DRESSES FOR WEDDING RECEPTION-Skater dress by Missguided

This is the last dresses for wedding reception. If you love high neck dress, you may love this Skater Dress by Missguided. Made from polyester and elastane this is a feminine modern dress that will look pretty on wedding reception. You can wear stunning high heels and bring clutch with matching color then your appearance will be perfect!

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