Red Velvet Wedding Cake – Some people want some more attractive and sweet wedding cake more than another usual wedding cake. In another hand, some people are enjoyed to some more traditional and classic style like choosing some red velvet wedding cake. Yes, this is one of the traditional wedding cake that is always adorable. As the growing of the technology, now and then we can make it more interesting. This wedding cake will absolutely cheer up and complete your wedding party with romantic touches.

cakes red velvet redux

Red velvet wedding cake has a basically red color inside the cake that makes it really adorable yet sweet. The red color inside it, we can use the color from food coloring that is safe for our health. Nowadays, we can also fill some flavor to the coloring food as we like. It is tastier to be eaten. For some people that likes some herbal ingredients can use some fruit to color the cake. We can choose strawberry or even tomatoes.

Jerry Marys red velvet wedding cake

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Red velvet wedding cake can be matches to some kind of color on the surface of the cake. We can choose many color option for the butter on the cake surface. It can combine with yellow, pink, or cream color, but maybe white still become the best match for this sweet wedding cake. We can make a smooth texture by using some white butter that is blended with the soft sugars. Another variation that we can choose in making this cake is that, we can make a cake arrangement. We can make it into three parts or four parts and put some sweet ornament on the top of it.

red velvet wedding cake

Some people are interested in using some additional accessories or figures to complete their wedding cake. They usually use some fondant base toppers to complete the look. In another cases, some people want something that is more simple but still beautiful. They like to use some natural ornament. To complete the look of the red velvet wedding cake, they can use some natural ornament such as strawberry (for cute appearance) or real fresh red flower decoration to be placed on the side or around the wedding cake (for more formal and beautiful decoration). This wedding cake will totally complete your wedding party with a romantic touch.

Red Velvet Wedding Cake

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small round red velvet wedding cake

This classic wedding cake is really sweet and not expensive. With this cake we can get an interesting, simple and healthy wedding cake for sure.

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