Traditional wedding invitations, Couple Basic Rules – Some people still like some classic things, including about wedding things. We want to do the best for the wedding with some kind of cool stuff, but there are some people who still love classic and traditional things in this new era. Anyway, we have some tips and suggestion for you who love the traditional things about invitations. Here are some references for you for traditional invitations for wedding that never look old school and never out of date.

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Traditional wedding invitation is about simple things. Yes, even though that it look simple but this is so elegant. This style is a timeless style that will never going to be out of date. It’s about the simple color. In traditional invitation, it’s better to choose two combination color, and if you like, one color only still will make it pretty. Make sure that for traditional invitation, it’s better for you to choose a soft color pattern. Some people that want a romantic touch, can choose some pastel color combination.

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In making wedding invitations with traditional style, we can still make a pattern or image combination. It doesn’t matter you want to choose many kinds of images, as long as it is suitable for your wedding invitation theme. Make sure that, it should be softly arranged for classic look. You can choose a color image, but if you want to let it still black and white, it will be look totally classy and elegant. For the classic look, you should pay attention at the size, because the smaller size is better. Classic invitation is not good with block image.

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Next you should pay attention about the font. Some traditional and classic invitation doesn’t use many kinds of font. The font is simple but still elegant and aye catching. Nowadays, we can combine some font for the size. Some traditional invitations are good with italic letter. Italic letter shows the formal side and also the beautiful, soft, and romantic look. It is also a polite and formal font. But. It will be best for wedding invitation. This font style can really deliver and represent your beautiful wedding wording on the invitation.

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Another thing about traditional invitation is that it doesn’t need much additional ornament. The simple is the better. You don’t need to add much ornament because the traditional invitation will look nice by it’s own look. But if you really want to add something to cheer it up, you can simply add a cute little ribbon on it.

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