Casual wedding invitation wording, Simply Copy and Paste This One – We all have already known that word is important in every occasion, including for wedding invitation. For this special thing in our wedding ceremony, many people like to choose the best from the best quote. They love to choose romantic and formal words. In some cases, as we are now entering the modern era, we are able to use many kinds of modern style for wedding invitation wording. Here we will give you some suggestion for casual wedding invitation wording that will be so up to date in a good way.

For the casual invitation wording, it is about create modern and casual sentences. In this type, it’s look like a diary. The couple can simply write their feelings and make a casual invitation by using their own words. This is a new and unique invitation wording. Just make sure that you still make it polite in a good word arrangement. Just read the example below

I would like to tell you guys that I will walk on the next level of my life. The wedding will be hosted by the groom and I. In this happy time I really want to share my happiness by inviting all of you to my house, Baker Street No.99 at 7 o’clock in the evening

In this special moment, Me Jenna and My man Matthew wanted the best for our wedding and it will be incomplete without all of you.

Come and get your best suite and dress. There are some funny gift for you who come with spirit. Can’t wait to see you there.

Love and Peace, Jenna & Matthew

For wedding invitation wording casual style, the point is on the word arrangement itself. We can create many kinds of word arrangement that we like. It can be as casual as it can be. Besides that, the most important thing about Casual wedding invitation wording is about the design. For the first, in the size. Not like the traditional wedding invitation, this casual invitation is more flexible.

Casual wedding invitation sample

Casual wedding invitation wording samples

Casual wedding invitation wording

Casual wedding invitation

You can create many kinds of size with many variations of shape, not only square but also in a circle, oval, and other new good designs. You can also use or insert many kinds of images and photos of you and your couple. With this style you can play with many kinds of color that will really cheer up your invitation with a casual invitation wording for your wedding.

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