Do It Yourself Wedding Invitation – Invitation can be an important part in wedding ceremony. Yes, we use it to share or spread out our happiness. That’s why invitation is one of the important part on the ceremony. Some people love and feel comfort to put it in some event organizer. In the other hand, some people are satisfied if they can create it by themselves. Maybe not all of invitation, but maybe there are some people that you want to give a different invitation. In case you want to make it even personal, you can create your own invitation. Here are some steps for do it yourself invitation that you can try.

simple aesthetic invitation beginner - do it yourself wedding invitations

Do it yourself invitation mean, you are the creator of your invitation. For the step, the first you can create the design by using some software such as Photoshop. Then you can print it out. Make sure that you print it in a high quality printing. So, the color will be really bright and clear.

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Then, you can choose the shape of your do it yourself invitation. For the base paper, you can choose a high quality thick paper. Then, you can flip and cut it, to make your own shape that you like. It’s free for you to design. You can also play with much color. After you finished create your base paper, then you can stick your printing design on the paper. Make sure that you choose good quality glue, so that it will not destroy your printing design. It’s better for you to choose roll on glue because it is easier to use and will not destroy your printing paper.

FolkFlowers do it yourself wedding invitations

In doing this do it yourself invitation, you can add some ornament or accessories such as a ribbon, little ornaments flower, or another ornament that is connected with your invitation theme. If you want to use a ribbon, you can choose a little ribbon. You can cut it, then make it into a nice shape. After that, you can make it into a sweet shape and stick it on the part that you want.

LLL_invitation - do it yourself wedding invitations

It’s better for you too make a creative design and choose the best product in making. With your own invitation design, you will really make something different in your wedding party that won’t last forever.

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