Wedding Reception Invitation Wording, We Have Three Types to Choose

Wedding Reception Invitation Wording Samples – Words mean a lot. In every word, it contains many purposes to deliver. Word arrangement is always been an important thing in many occasions, especially in some special event such as wedding. We can use some good word when we create wedding invitations. In some ways, many people still like to use some formal words and sentences for their wedding card invitation. To help you find the right choices, here we have some wedding invitation wording variation for you to choose.

Wedding invitation wording Type 1

Wedding Reception Invitation Wording

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In this example of invitation is using parent the host. This type 1 invitation wording is commonly used for private person or company. The word is literally formal and really polite or even complete. This is a common and formal invitation wording for everyone to use.

Mr. and Mrs. Spicolux
request the pleasure of your company
at the wedding reception
following the marriage of their daughter

Jenna Spicolux
Baker Street

on Mei 6, 2016
at 6 o’clock in the evening

1256 House 6789 Main Street
Come and Join us.

Wedding reception invitation Type 2

wedding reception invitations rdbbmxpy

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In another case, some couple wants to celebrate it by using their own identity as the host, and here is the example of invitation wording using bridge and groom host. Without using parent as the host, you can freely create a more soft word that is not so formal. But, keep in mind and make sure that you still use a proper and polite sentences or words.

Jenna Spicolux and Matthew Brann

will be married in a beautiful private ceremony
on Mei 6, 2016

please come and celebrate with us at our reception
following the ceremony
at 6 o’clock in the evening

1256 House 6789 Main Street

Reception invitation wording for weddingType 3

wording for wedding reception invitations

In another cases, you can use much more simple words or sentences for your reception invitation. It will look nice but still polite. The point of this type is that, you will use a little bit more sentences. The sentences are not always formal, but you can still deliver the messages politely in a good way. You can use some sentences like this example

Janne and Mattew
invite you to join us at our
reception celebrating our recent marriage.

Please come and have a good time get down with us

at 7 pm on Monday, the 10th of October
Runway Ballroom
Our Town, WA

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