Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Down

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Down – Is your wedding day near? Do you need hairstyle ideas for your wedding? Well, if your hair is long, you can use our hairstyles for long hair down ideas below as inspiration. In each of hairstyle description, we include the products that can help you get that hairstyle. We also include information about the face shape on which the hairstyles look best.

Waterfall Twist

Waterfall Twist Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Down2

This will be our first weddingstyles for long hair down idea. The waterfall twist works on any face shape. It gives something more to all down hairstyle. Each side is twisted to the middle in the back and is tied together with hair. The hairstyle is soft enough to flatter every face shape, from square, round to heart.You can give the curls more texture and movement using spray wax. This hairstyle works best for those who have thick hair with long layers. Tip for this hairstyle: you can tie your waterfall twist with a clear elastic and hide it with strain of hair.


Recommended product: Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty

Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Down3

side pony wedding hairstyles

The side ponytail is our next wedding styles for long hair down idea. The hair is curled, twisted and pinned into a low side ponytail with pin curls rest on top of it. Side ponytail works on people with square face shape as the soft curls in this updo will soften a square jaw. This hairstyle is not recommended people with round face shape as it will accentuate the side.This hairstyle works best for extra long hair. The curling shrinks hair. This is not a problem if you have extra long hair as it will keep looking long. You can keep the curls in the ponytail maintained with serum. Tip for this hairstyle: to add more body, backcomb underneath the hair that will go into ponytail.



Recommended product:Moroccan Oil

Vintage Curls

Vintage Curls Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Down5

The third and the last idea on hairstyles for long hair down, the vintage curls. It is a twist on the curled bridal hair and classic down. Pin curls and finger waves are softly brushed out to create a timeless, glamorous curl. This hairstyle works on any face shape. This hairstyle works best for people who have hair that can hold a curl. To get this hairstyle, you will need brush able hairspray. Tip for this hairstyle: use a boar bristle brush to brush out your pin curls.

Recommended products: Kenra 25 hairspray.

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