Wedding Hairstyles for Black Brides

Wedding Hairstyles for Black Brides5 – Are you looking for hairstyles for black brides’ wedding? Well, if you do, you came to the right place. Here we will give you some of the examples; complete with how to style them, recommended products and tips.

Braided Side Bun

Braided Side Bun Wedding Hairstyles for Black Brides

This hairstyle can enhance any formal outfit. It works best for straightened hair. Braided side bun is work on every face shapes. Tips: use long and sturdy pins to keep the bun in place. You can add straight extensions into the braid for a fuller bun.

How to Style:

  1. Part hair to your desired side
  2. Section out a triangle for side bangs
  3. Smooth hair to your desired side
  4. For firm hold, use a finishing spray

Recommended product: Olive oil

Royal High Side Bun

Royal High Side Bun Wedding Hairstyles for Black Brides3

Do you want an eye catching hairstyle? If yes, you can try this hairstyle. Basically, it is high side buns with sweeping bangs. This hairstyle works best for straight medium to long hair, on oval face shape. Tips: gel tends to dry out hair, make sure you moisture your hair before applying gel

How to Style:

  1. At the interior of head, section rectangle shape
  2. Using a 1 1/2 inch gold barrel iron,style your bangs as you desire
  3. Smooth the rest to desired side
  4. Braid ponytail, then twist hair into a bun
  5. For light hold, you can use hairspray

Recommended product: Eco-Styler gel

Beach Wave Curls

Beach Wave Curls Wedding Hairstyles for Black Brides4

This hairstyle is perfect if you look for classic style. Beach wave curls works best for long straightened hair. The hairstyle works for any face shape. Tip: for enhanced look, you can add hair sparkles before applying the hair spray.

How to Style:

  1. Part hair where you desire
  2. Curl your bangs using a 2-inch gold barrel curling iron
  3. Create large ringlets throughout hair using the same curling iron
  4. For firm hold, use hairspray

Recommended product: Professional Sebastian hair spray

Classic Bridal Bun

Classic Bridal Bun Wedding Hairstyles for Black Brides2

Are you looking for timeless bridal style? If you do, you can try this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be done on every face shape. It works best for smooth hair. Tip: you can add a curly extension around the ponytail, use bobby pins to hold, to create a fuller bun.

How to Style:

  1. Start with sectionout triangle bangs.
  2. Next, pull one piece of hair on each side of the bang
  3. Smooth the rest of hair into ponytail
  4. Curl it with a 1-inch curling iron. Pin curls as you desire
  5. Lastly, use firm holding spray

Recommended product:Sebastian Fierce Shaper

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