Wedding Hairdos for Long Hair, Cascading Curls or Soft curly updo? – It is a good thing to have a long hair. The reason is simple. It is because there are many available options of hairdos for you. Below, we have examples of long hairwedding hairdos that you might want to use. We will tell you for what kind of hair type and face shape those hairdos work best on. We also include the recommended products for each of them.

Cascading Curls

Cascading Curls Wedding Hairdos for Long Hair

The cascading curls is the first of our long hairwedding hairdos. This hairdo is a bit different than a usual side swept updo. In this hairdo, the majority of the curls are pinned up, leaving behind some curls cascading down the shoulder. This way, you can show off your hair length. Cascading curls hairdo work best on medium to thick hair. The hairdo also works for any face shape, with some adaptation to each face shape, though. For example, if your face shape is square, you can keep some curls or fringe to balance it. Tip for this hairdo: if you don’t have thick and long hair, you can use extensions.

Recommended products: Enjoy Creamy Pomade.

Soft curly updo

Soft curly updo Wedding Hairdos for Long Hair2

Soft curly updo is the next example. The hair is tightly curled, brushed and softened to give an airy look. Then, the airy curls are pinned at the nape. This hairdo works best for fine hair. If you have heavy and thick hair, you can still get this hairdo but the airyupdos will not give the same effect. Soft curly updo can work for any face shape. Tip for this hairdo: curl your hair using flat iron. The curls from flat iron are moveable, soft and stay longer than from curling iron curls.

Recommended product: Unite Second Day.

Twisted chignon

Twisted chignon Wedding Hairdos for Long Hair5

Wedding Hairdos for Long Hair3

Wedding Hairdos for Long Hair4

Last but not least from our hairdos for long hair examples, is the twisted chignon. The chignon starts with a twist braid in the front, going across the back of the head and ends in a low side chignon on the other side. Twisted chignon works best on hair with no to little layers. This hairdo works best on oval or round face. Tip for this hairdo: you can add volume to your twist braid by backcombing your hair first and holding them gently in your hands as you braid.

Recommended products:Unite 7 Seconds Leave-in Conditioner.

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