Hairstyles for Indian Wedding, Three Most Favorit Styles

Hairstyles for Indian Wedding5 –     Is your wedding day nearing and you do not find any idea for your hairstyle yet? There are many hairstyles you can choose, especially if your hair is long. But because there are too many, you might be confused to choose which one you should have. Well, worry not. You can read below for our examples of Indian wedding hairstyles to give you an idea on your hairstyle on your wedding day.

Hairstyles for Indian Wedding

The classic bun

Hairstyles for Indian Wedding2

Our first example of hairstyles for Indian wedding will be the classic bun. It is a common and classic hairstyle used in any wedding. But for Indian wedding, there is an adjustment need to be done. Ideally, Indian brides need to cover their head with a dupatta, which is made from a netted fabric. But because the hair will be visible through the dupatta, the bun needs to be pulled together tight and made very neat. Also, you can give a backcomb it to get a fluffy hairdo if you want. This hairstyle let you place maang tikka in the center easily. Want to look more stunning? Add fresh flowers or hair accessories.

The messy bun

Hairstyles for Indian Wedding3

Moving on to our next hairstyles of Indian wedding, the messy bun. Do you want to twisted version of the classic bun? Try the messy bun then. Although it has the not so perfect, messy bun can look stunning for a sangeet ceremony. If you are not planning to cover your head on your wedding day, you can choose this hairstyle. They are elegant, different and add some softness to the face with some strands and curls left on either side of the face. Just like the classic bun, you can add accessories for this hairstyle for more stunning look. You can add some real flowers on one side of the hair, for example.

The braids

Hairstyles for Indian Wedding4

The last in our weddinghairstyles for Indian example, is the braids. This is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for more traditional Indian bridal hairstyles. Well, it does look lovely on any bride, so it is not surprising if it is very popular. Although it is traditional, it undergoes modifications over the years. Two of the examples of the modifications are the elegant waterfall braid and fishtail braid, both are very popular nowadays. The braids work best on brides with medium to long hair. If you don’t have long hair, don’t worry as you can use some hair extensions.

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