3 Best Beach Wedding Cake Topper for Best Moment

Loveweddingplan.com –  Beach cake topperfor wedding is a good choice for your wedding cake, especially if you have beach wedding. Do you need inspiration on what kind of beach-themed wedding cake topper you should choose? Don’t worry, we will help you. Below we will show you 3 examples of them. We will describe each topper, including their size, price and where you can get them.

Summer Lovin Surfer Cake Topper

Beach Wedding Cake Topper

Beach Wedding Cake Topper2

This is the first beach wedding cake topper, the Summer Lovin Surfer Cake Topper. It is made by Wedding Collectibles. The figurines are bride and groom kissing with surf board behind them. The figurines are hand painted with attention to every detail, including the hair color and gold wedding band. You can request the hair color of the figurine to match your own. The height of the figurine is 6.5 inches, with base diameter 3.5 inches. If you want to buy this here: https://goo.gl/nyG8m7. The price range starts from $32.95, and you are allowed to get another options.

White Adirondack Love Seat with Starfish

Beach Wedding Cake Topper3

This item is another good choice of beach wedding cake topper. It displays two starfish sitting in a chair with ribbon in front of them. This topper is ideal for 6 to 9 inch cake tier. There are many personalizations you can make. There are many available colors choices and additional feature like name displays. This wedding cake topper is made by Seashell Collection. If you want to buy this wedding cake topper, go to this link: https://goo.gl/YxcHs1. The price of this item starts from $35. You can also choose another theme you love, this is just an example which suitable with the topic.

Bride And Groom Customized Fishing Wedding Cake Topper

Beach Wedding Cake Topper4

Beach Wedding Cake Topper5

Last but not least, is thebeach wedding cake topper made by Mudcards. It is a handmade item, made to fit your description. You can personalize this wedding cake topper, as you not only it is based on your description (including bouquet, eye color, hair, attire etc.) but also you can add additional items like name and date plaque, cats or dogs, third figure, music instruments, books, flag, vespa, children and more.For more information, go to the following link: https://goo.gl/nyG8m7. The price of this item starts from $135; the additional items will add the price and the price of each additional item varies. The best product does not lie, so you should not afraid of its quality.

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