4 Gorgeous Diamond Wedding Bands for Her

Loveweddingplan.com – Wedding ring takes an important part in the wedding day of every bride-and-groom-to-be. A wedding ring is usually made of metal and worn in the right or left finger. A wedding ring symbolizes an eternal love. Besides, a wedding ring also represents love devotion between a couple. These days, there are various style and compositions of wedding rings. You can even opt a single thin band, a big ring, double-ring and so on. From the compositions, you have several options, like: yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and palladium. One and the most popular type of wedding ring is a diamond ring. A diamond ring has been known as every girl’s best friend since it is believed that no woman can refuse the beauty of diamond rings. Although there are so many other non-traditional colorful wedding ring, a diamond ring still the best choice for a special wedding ring. If you are a husband-to-be who is going to hold your special occasion soon and looking for diamond wedding ring ideas, these 5 gorgeous diamond wedding bandsfor her will definitely give you abundance of inspiration.

  1. Diamond Channel Band with 14K White Gold

Diamond Channel Band with 14K White Gold

This glamorous diamond wedding bands for herconsists of eight sparkling channel-set diamonds in round shape along with white gold metal. A simple design shows an elegant and sophisticated beauty of this wedding ring. This ring is available in Zales. To get this gorgeous diamond wedding ring you have to spend around $2200.00.

  1. Olive Leaf Band Ring


paloma picassoolive Olive Leaf Band Ring

Need a unique yet stunning diamond wedding band for her? This diamond wedding ring from Paloma Picasso offers you a total beauty of a ring. This ring has olive leaves and branches shape made of white gold, such a perfect symbol of peaceful mind. This ring is made of 18K white gold plus a glamorous round diamond. This ring valued AU$6,950.00. You can get it in Tiffany & Co.

  1. Infinity Twist Diamond Wedding Ring

Infinity Twist Diamond Wedding Ring

Do you want to show your infinity love for your wife-to-be? This ring is a perfect choice for you who want to give a delicate and elegant diamond wedding band for her. Crafted in the platinum, this ring offers you a glamorous look for your perfect moment. Another interesting fact about this ring is it has an intertwined band with diamonds as the adornment. You can get this wedding ring in Blue Nile for around $1,250.

  1. Yellow Gold Crossover Diamond Wedding Ring

Yellow Gold Crossover Diamond Wedding Ring

This wedding ring from hsamuel is quite suitable for you who want to combine the beauty of diamonds and 9ct yellow gold. The simple style and round stone shape give you a total beauty of a wedding ring. This diamond wedding band for her can be a perfect choice to express your love. To get this beautiful wedding ring, you have to purchase around £299.

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