Indian Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

indian wedding invitation wording examples – Wedding is a special moment for every couple to celebrate their love. Therefore, every couple must be hoping for spreading their happy moment to the relative and also your closest friends. In a wedding invitation, wording is the most important part. A well-structured wording in the wedding invitation, will avoid misunderstanding and also will be good for your guest.

This kind of thing happens in almost every culture, including Indian culture. If you are going to host an Indian wedding reception or ceremony themes, it will be beneficial for you to prepare a good wording for your wedding invitation. To give you inspiration, we have collected for you some Indian wedding wording for invitation ideas that you need.

First example of Indian Invitation Wording:


indian wedding invitation wording_1

A special day in our lives is drawing closer

We are honored and happy if you could join our wedding

As the joy of the sacred union before God is here

Mr. & Mrs. Veejay

Has the pleasure in inviting

Mr. Shaman


On the great occasion of the marriage of their Son




Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ramdass

On Sunday, 14thJanuary2016

7:30 p.m


Grand Hyatt Hall

257 Plumpton Rd. Plumpton

We look forward to your coming to bless the couple.

For us it will be a day to remember

Your presence will make it more precious

Please RSVP by

Wednesday 10th January 2016 to:

Mr. Andy: (02)0943 0938

0835 454 656

Second Example of Wedding Invitation Wording:



Mr. & Mrs.

Request your presence on the

Auspicious occasion of the wedding of their son




(daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ramdass)

On Saturday, October 30, 2016

At Grand Hyatt Hall



Anne Khan 

Anne Khan 

(02) 9844 9506     

With best wishes from:

George Khan

John Smith

Annie Christ


Regarding to the invitation wording, actually these are just example for you. You and couple actually able to arrange it by yourself, but if you do not have any knowledge related to the language, then you can ask someone perhaps your family, friends or others to help you. You can compare with the existing wording, or you can combine and mix with modern style so that you get what you need.

Finally, hope you can use this sample to help you creating best Indian wedding invitation. Don’t forget to follow our fan page and Twitter so that you can get the latest update directly from our blog.

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