6 Ways of Having Plus Size Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

Loveweddingplan.com – What kind of dresses should I wear? Some of you might ask this question when you are reading a wedding invitation. For people with a plus size, finding a right dress for attending a wedding is not an easy job to do. You have to be smart enough in choosing a perfect dress that can hide your bulges and show up your stunning side. Here are some of plus size dresses for wedding ideas that might inspire you.

Dark and plain dress

dark blue dress

dark dress

Dress with dark colors such as black, navy or dark blue, and gray are quite proper for women with plus size. This ‘Classic Long line’ Scoop Neck black dress from City Chic is an example of plus size dresses. This plain dress gives an extremely elegant and neat look for your body.

An A-line dress

A line dress

A plus size woman should wear A-line dress instead of wearing straight dress. A line is much better for plus size woman because it cover up your tummy and your bulky thighs. This can create a trimmer shape of your body. An A-line ‘Fit and Flare’ dress from Dressbarn is a perfect example of plus size dresses to wear for a wedding.

A dress with small pattern instead of big one

roaman small floral

little floral print

Big patterns will make your body looks even bigger, because it will make certain part of your body prominent. Meanwhile small details in your dress will hide your bulge. Some patterns like floral print or polka dots on your dress will make your body look slimmer. This is an example of small floral print in plus size dress to wear from Roamans that can give a slimmer effect to your body.

A dress with belts

dress with belt

If you want to make your waist look smaller, you can use of a belt for your dress. A belt on your waist will divides your body into two that will create a slimmer look. An A-line dress with a belt on your waist is a fashion hack for your big size dress to wear to a wedding.

This option offers not only a sexy looks but also luxurious at the same time. You actually can also choose another pattern and colors. This is just an example for you, you are the boss, aren’t you?

A dress in a vertical stripes line instead of horizontal

stripe vertical dress

vertical horizontal stripes

Basically, horizontal stripes for your outfit will give an extra volume to certain part of your body. So if you are considering stripes for your plus size dress to wear for a wedding, it will be better to have a vertical line. This black and turquoise maxi dress by 15 Shop Stop can be your inspiration for your dress to wear to a wedding. Meanwhile, you can also combine between horizontal stripes with vertical stripes in one dress. Thus, you can both accentuate the part of your body that you like and hide a flab in your body.

Have a wrap dress

wrap dress ideas

kiyona wrap dress web

A wrap dress is a good choice if you are attending a ceremonial or formal wedding. More specifically, a wrap dress can make your silhouette more obvious. This is one of the flattering wrap plus size dresses to wear by Kiyonna. In this case you can have both plain wrap dress and pattern wrap dress. Remember that a small pattern is always better than bigger pattern.

Finally, have a great time of shopping. I hope you can find the best plus size dress for the wedding, and get ready to accept a credit from people around you. Remember, confidence matters.

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