Wedding Invitation on a Budget, 4 Best Ever Ideas – Every bride and groom to be must be hoping for the best for their wedding day. As a matter of fact, a wedding celebration can be costly so much. Therefore, every couple have to be manage their budget well, so that all the wedding stuffs will be fulfilled. To solve this problem, some people are usually hiring a financial advisor or a wedding planner in order to organize their necessity and their budget.

One thing that you can do to manage your budget well, is by choosing wedding invitation with affordable price. Since a wedding invitation card is as important as wedding ring, it is important to have a great invitation card. These days, there are so many websites that provide low cost wedding invitation card with good quality. By using this, you can save more money for other important weddingstuffs. If you are looking for affordable on budget wedding invitation inspiration, here are some ideas that will be beneficial for your wedding day.

  1. Pink Flower Wedding Invitation

pink flower wedding invitation on a budget

wedding invitation on a budget _pink

wedding invitation on a budget_pink_2

This floral wedding invitation has a perfect design and also low in price. You can use this invitation card for any kind of wedding ceremony, such as casual or formal and outdoor or indoor. You can get this wedding invitation on a low budget in Etsy only for $1.75.

  1. Gold Confetti Wedding Invitation

Gold Confetti Wedding Invitation

Gold Confetti Wedding Invitation_2

Need a cheap and affordable wedding invitation for your vintage wedding reception? No worries, this gold confetti invitation card are the answer. This card is $1 affordable wedding invitation. This card uses pearlescent high quality paper that won’t make you disappointed. This wedding card from Lemon Wedding is available in Etsy.

  1. Starry Night Wedding Invitation

Starry Night Wedding Invitation

Starry Night Wedding Invitation _2

This affordable piece of wedding card from Only by Invite is quite suitable for your evening wedding ceremony. This card is printed in high quality paper and only $1.80 in price. You can get this beautiful wedding card in Etsy.

  1. Lace Doily Wedding Invitation

Lace Doily Wedding InvitationLace Doily Wedding Invitation_2

This cheap and affordable wedding invitation was made of Kraft paper with doily for the adornment. You can also customize the calligraphy font for more unique look. Lace doily wedding invitation is simple and very elegant. Another good news is it only costs $1.50. You can get this invitation card in Etsy.

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