Top 7 Long Dresses for Weddings Ideas – Long white dresses are quite popular for brides in wedding ceremony. People usually decide to have this type of wedding dress since it looks more elegant and formal. As the time goes by, there are so many variations in long wedding dresses and it is not only a kind of big white ball gown full of ruffles. These are some of beautiful long dresses for weddings idea that can inspire you for your special day.

  1. V-neck Mermaid Wedding dresses



This V-neck long wedding dress is a quite common for brides. The V-neck itself can give a longer look for your neck. Besides, it can make you look slimmer and taller. With mermaid style for the bottom part, this wedding dresses seems glamour and elegant. Therefore for the color, your long dresses can be in ivory or other pastel colors instead of using white.

  1. Floral Strapless Long Dress

Randi Rahm

One of a favorite style in weddings long dresses is the Strapless wedding dress. Get boring of white plain strapless wedding dress? You can always try to wear floral strapless that giving more casual and chic looks. This type of wedding dress is very suitable for garden wedding party or other outdoor wedding ceremony.

  1. Long Sleeves Wedding Dress

long sleeve wedding dress


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Do you have a plan for creating a Royal Wedding-like ceremony? Well, this style of long dress for wedding is definitely something you need. Long sleeves dress with lace around your shoulders and arms bring an elegant look for your wedding dress. As a tip, you can simply lose your hair and put a mini crown on it to make it more beautiful.

  1. Sheath


illussion 2

Another popular style of weddings long dresses is a sheath. If you want to have a simple and elegant look for your wedding ceremony, wearing a sheath will make you effortlessly stunning. Sometimes, sheath is designed in an A-line or mermaid style. Furthermore, a sheath that is made of silk or satin will make you look taller and slimmer.

  1. One Shoulder Wedding Dress

one shoulder

One of unusual yet elegant long dresses for weddings design of this one shoulder wedding dress. This kind of wedding dress is usually used in A-Line, mermaid style, or even with ball gown. Furthermore, some details like silver or gold beads will make your wedding dress more gorgeous.

  1. Illusion Neckline Long Dress

Floral Long wedding dress


Are you hoping for a cute and playful design for your wedding day? If yes, then the illusion neckline dress is the best choice for you. Combining between lace and ruche, illusion Neckline Long Wedding dress had been a spring trend in 2015. In addition, the illusion neckline long dress for your wedding can be seen in a V-neck shape and strapless.

  1. Asymmetrical Long Wedding Dress

one shoulder2

one shoulder gown

If you want a glamour and unique kind of long dress, this asymmetrical wedding dress is a perfect match for you. Usually, the front bottom part of this dress is made shorter than the back side. One benefit of the asymmetrical part is that it makes your legs is slimmer and you will look taller.

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