Design Your Own Wedding Dress, Is it Possible? – Do you want to wear a unique wedding dress but can’t find the one who fits your liking? Then you should design your own wedding dress. Wedding is a very special day for the groom and the bride. It will be a day remembered for a lifetime. And of course, everyone wants to look perfect in that day. Wedding dress doesn’t have to be the long, white traditional dress, after all. If you want, you can have one based on how you want it.

But, how will you design it? Do you need inspiration? Don’t worry, here we have insights and things to consider so you can design your own wedding dress which fits you perfectly. And hopefully, inspire you.

Design your own wedding dress: things to consider

First and foremost, you need to know what you want for wedding first. You can’t design your wedding dress. Just like the wedding, you should plan your wedding dress properly. There are many things to think and consider, especially if you have no plan to get married twice in the future. This is your best moment, and you should plan it perfectly.

Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Second thing to consider is what kind of wedding theme you will have. What is the theme of your wedding? Formal wedding, Semi-informal, or informal? Not only that, you also need to consider the venue. where is the wedding will be? At the house of worship? Or at the garden? Or at the beach? You need to consider these things before you create your wedding dress.

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The third thing to consider: your budget. Yes, how much money you have and how much money you want to spend for a wedding dress. Sure you can design wedding dress, but can you “design” the price? Because you’re the one who design it, you can calculate how much it will cost. The design is in your hand, so is the price. Design it the way you like it, just don’t forget your budget.

Design Your Own Wedding Dress2

Is it good to design your own wedding dress or just choose it from store? Of course, In fact, it brings some advantage compared to the available dress in the market, particularly the traditional wedding dresses. What are the advantages then? First, you can design it the way you want it. You can decide the style, the shape and the color. It is a big advantage. Second, it can be cheaper. Why? Because you will know what kind of materials needed, and you can predict how much it will cost. This will give the freedom for the price. And you can make it cheaper, if you want. The third is practicality and comfort. Yes, you can decide the practicality and comfort the wedding dress have. If you have a beach wedding, you can design the wedding dress with lightweight material and style that will accommodate the heat and is comfortable to wear.

Design Your Own Wedding Dress5

To sum it up if you create your own dress for wedding, you will have freedom even the creaziest idea to decide how the wedding dress will look like, the wedding dress’ price and also the practicality and comfort.

Design Your Own Wedding Dress4

So, what about it? Do you want to design your own wedding dress now? Just remember the things you need to consider such as how you want it to be, your wedding theme and your budget. One last piece of advice: whatever your wedding dress design will be, make sure you are comfortable wearing it and be confident about it. Last, hopefully you get the best dress for your unforgetable moment in life.

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