6 Gorgeous Wide Width Wedding Shoes Ideas

Loveweddingplan.com – Weddingday is one of the happiest moment for a bride-to-be. In this special day, a bride-to-be is having many preparations related to their wedding stuffs, like wedding dress and wedding shoes. Therefore, some women with wide feet are sometimes experiencing difficulties when it comes to finding the right shoes. Especially for wedding day, women with wide feet often get confused because it seems so difficult to find a right wide width shoes for wedding. Here are to 10 wide width bridal shoes that can make you stunning in your special day.

  1. Fiona Silver Shoes

fiona-es-w-silvr.300.1 Wedding Shoes


This pair of beautiful wide width shoes from Dyeables will make your wedding ceremony more dazzling. With silver-metallic color and sling back style, this shoe is good choice for you who want to look elegant and feel comfort in the same time. These sparkling bridal shoes have adjustable ankle strap to keep your shoes stay in the place during your special moment. Besides, this shoe has quite low heels, around 2 inches, so that you walk comfortably during the wedding. For a better experience of wearing these shoes, you can use additional cushioning from Tip Toes or Heavenly Heelz.

  1. Delish Bridal Shoes

delish-4153w-wh.300.1 Wedding Shoes

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Are you having problems with high heels but still want to look a little bit taller in your wedding day? This Delish wedding wide width shoes from Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk will give you a solution. Delish wedding shoes have white satin material that is simple but glowing on your feet. Besides, the wedge style of Delish wedding shoes with 1 inch in heel height will make you comfortable to walk down the aisle or dance in your wedding day. Besides, you can give additional cushions for better experience of wearing this peep toe wedding shoes. Delish is available in white and blue satin.

  1. Alyssa Wedding Shoes

alyssa-es-w01.300.2 Wedding Shoes

alyssa-es-w01.300.1 Wedding Shoes

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Alyssa wide width shoes by Dyeables offer you a sophisticated style of bridal shoes. This Alyssa wedding shoes have 5 straps with glitters in every part of the shoes. Besides, Alyssa has rhinestone ornaments along the five toe straps. This shoe is also available in regular width. You can also support this pair of shoes with cushions. Alyssa is available in two glittering colors, those are silver and gold.

  1. Alice Bridal Shoes

alice-4066w01.300.1 Wedding Shoes

Wedge style is a good option for you who want to wear comfortable shoes that still give you height. Alice wide width shoes by Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk is a peep toe shoes decorated with rhinestone around the peep toe strap. A low height of heels, around 1 inch, makes you feel comfortable in your special days. This pair of Alice bridal shoes is available in silver and white satin.

  1. Dre Wedding Shoes


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This pair of wedding shoes by Dyeables is a simple yet elegant shoes for your wedding. This wedding wide width shoes has 2 crossed straps with full glitters. Available in two colors of, silver and champagne glitters. Besides, it is also available in medium width. With 2 ¼ inches of heels, you are suggested to use heel guard for outdoor usage of this wedding shoes.

  1. Abby Bridal Shoes

Abby Bridal Shoes

Abby bridal shoes from Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk is a peep toe wedding shoes made of silver satin. These wedding shoes will definitely make you stunning in your special occasion. Besides, with a kitten heel (1 ¾ inches of heels) this shoes will accompany you passing through your special wedding day. These wide width bridal shoes are available in 4 colors: silver, gold, brown and white.

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