5 Stunning Kitten Heel Wedding Shoes Ideas

Loveweddingplan.com – Wedding is a special moment that you hope you can remember in your entire life. Being great in the wedding is everyone’s dream and expectation. Sometimes, brides-to-be are trying a way too hard to look good on her wedding day. They tend tochoose something that only looks good, but doesn’t feel comfortable at all. This also happens when a bride-to-be chooses a pair of wedding shoes. In fact, if you are a bride-to-be, it is important for you to opt beautiful yet comfortable bridal shoes for your big day. For you who likes a comfortable and stylish shoes, having a pair of kitten heel shoes can be a good choice for you. Thick and low heels of kitten heel shoes maintain your stability. These followings are 7 ideas of kitten heel bridal shoes that will make you look amazing on your wedding day.

Rosetta Wedding Shoes


ROsetta wedding shoes

rosetta wedding shoes 2

If you want to wear chic and comfortable wedding shoes, this Rosetta kitten heel shoes for wedding by The Perfect Bridal Company is a right choice. Rosettais peep-toe shoes made of satin in ivory. These shoes also look glamour since it is decorated with sparkling beads on the back side and the glittering clip. Moreover, Rosetta is also comfortable footwear since it has low heels around 1.6 inches. With floral pattern for the inner side, these cute bridal shoes will accompany you to walk down the aisle and dance all night long!

Kim Dyeable Wedding Shoes


Kim Dyeable wedding shoes

Kim d wedding shoes 2

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This kitten heel shoes is very suitable for a traditional wedding held in the house of worship. Kim Dyeable wedding shoes by David Bridal is made of satin for the upper side with leather sole. Having 1 ¾ inches for the heel height, this shoes is a perfect choice for you who want to have comfort and stability but still give you a little height. For more elegant and glamour look, the rhinestone and pearl ornament are decorated in the center of the strap. This beautiful shoe is available in various colors, such as white, ivory, and dusty pink.

Bon Bon Wedding Shoes


Paradox wedding shoes

Paradox2 wedding shoes

Bon Bon wedding shoes by Paradox Pink is a perfect match for you who want to look classic and modest at the same time. Using lace for all part of the shoes, this ivory kitten heel shoes can make your feet look pretty. This Bon Bon wedding shoes is a 3 cm in heels (around 1.2 inches) shoes. With those low and comfortable heels, these wedding shoes will be a good friend in dancing during your wedding day!

Heels Wedding Shoes

Heels wedding shoes

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Do you want to have a sweet and luxurious kitten heel shoes for your special day? This super glamourous Heels wedding shoes designed by Gabriella will be a perfect fit for you. The shining pink satin along with pink glitters all over the heels, will definitely make your feet pretty. These peep-toe shoes have low heels that will make you comfortable in your wedding ceremony or wedding reception.

Dot Wedding Shoes

dot wedding shoes

If you are looking for a simple and elegant design of bridal shoes, f you are looking for nt design that can make ll make you comfort. Therefore, retty. This Bon Bon wedding shoes is 3cm heels (aDot kitten heel shoes by Touch Ups will be good option for you. Made of shining satin and leather sole, Dot wedding shoes is a kind of dyeable shoes. Besides, it has a quite low heels, 1 ¾ inches or around 4.4 cm. This shoes are available in several colors, they are: white, black and silver. With this shoes, you will feel secure and comfortable in your big day.


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