Simple Trick to Perfectly Beautify Hawaiian Wedding Style – Wedding preparations can be fun and full with enthusiasm, but often makes dizzy and confused. One of the most vital preparations is wedding dress. If you buy online it’ll be easier and save some time to check other wedding preparations too.

Are you confused to choose your wedding dress? How about trying non Hawaiian wedding dress ? Yes, this dress has its uniqueness and will give you different sensation on your wedding day. Don’t be confused if you don’t hold a wedding in Hawaii. You can hold your Hawaiian wedding style on a beach, garden or your backyard, lakeside, or even on a boat!

Feel interested? Let’s check more about this wedding dress style.

Know more about Hawaiian wedding dress

When you hold a Hawaiian wedding, you wear two things that really a Hawaii characteristic. A Hawaiian wedding dress consists of dress and lei. Let’s know more about them.

Hawaiian wedding dress_intro

Let’s talk about the Hawaiian wedding dress first. You can use classic floral dress, Hawaiian printed dress, or traditional wedding dress. You can choose from many design and styles. You can simple floral dress or with big floral pattern and leaves. It’s up to your choice. For the groom, you can choose traditional white shirt or floral shirt. Usually, Hawaiian wedding dress style is sleeveless, it’s to match with the background (beach, garden, backyard, or even on a boat).

Hawaiian wedding dress_intro_2

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And for your bridesmaid, you can dress up your bridesmaid with floral dress. Just like the bride’s dress, there’re big floral pattern and leaves too. If you don’t like crowded style pattern, you can choose simpler yet still fresh pattern.

Hawaiian wedding dress_intro_3

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For the guest, you can ask them to wear floral dress (for women) and floral shirt (for men).

Wearing lei

Wearing Lei - Hawaiian Wedding Dress

Wearing Lei – Men Hawaiian Wedding Dress

A Hawaiian wedding dress is not perfect without lei. Lei are a necklace that made from flowers, leaves, or even shells. You can also wear neck, wrist, head and ankles lei. To make your Hawaiian wedding more feels like in Hawaii, you can wear lei on the neck, wrist, head, and ankles. For the groom, use neck lei.

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The groom can choose maile (made from green leafy vine) or kukui nut (made from Hawaii nut) leis. A lei is an important symbol, in this case, the wedding. A lei is a love, respect and appreciation symbol. Use the lei on your wedding is important.

Dress up your bridesmaid with neck and head lei too. This will be a beautiful combination and really looks like Hawaiian wedding. You can choose the neck and head lei too with so many choices out there. Match the neck and head lei with your bridesmaid dress.

Wear a head lei

Wear a head lei - Hawaiian Wedding Dress

Wear a head lei – Women Hawaiian Wedding Dress

For the bride that using Hawaiian wedding dress style, it’ll be better if you use head lei rather than the veil. These head lei named haku (it’s like a flower crown). But if you want to use both of traditional wedding dress with veil and haku, you can combined them. This combination is still so beautiful and unique. The haku’s material is made from rainbow bougainvillea, fern, or orchid. There’re many haku you can choose.

So, are you ready for your Hawaiian wedding style? Remember to wear Hawaiian attributes to make your wedding more like Hawaiian style. Prepare your Hawaiian wedding carefully so nothing is forgotten.

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