Hawaiian Wedding Cakes, Simple Ideas with Perfect Result

Loveweddingplan.com – When you first read the word “Hawaii”, what are things that come to your mind? Does one of these things like the island of Hawaii itself, tropical island, summer, beach or vacation come to your mind? It turns out these Hawaii related things can be applied to wedding cakes, particularly if you’re having beach wedding party. Having wedding Hawaiian cakes is a good idea. Basically, they are wedding cakes decorated to represent beach, tropical or Hawaiian theme. Doesn’t matter whether you will have beach wedding party or just want to have fun and be creative for your wedding cakes. But it sure does a lot more colorful and eye-catching than the traditional white wedding cakes.

Hawaiian cakes for wedding Idea

Hawaiian Wedding Cakes

Hawaii is identical with fun things like beach, vacation, summer and so on. One of our examples here gives a good representation for it. This cake is named Hawaiian tropical themed wedding cake. It was made by Pink Cake Box. The cake is colored in white, ivory and sand, different for each tier. It is decorated with other colors like pink, white, yellow and orange. The decorations include hibiscus and plumeria sugar flowers in the top tier, below it there are turtles, flip flops, the islands of Hawaii and at the bottom, another turtles and Lei. Want this cake? Go to this links https://goo.gl/5zy1U3

Other ideas…

If you’re going to have Hawaiian cakes for wedding, the cakes don’t have to be bright and colorful. If you want to retain the traditional wedding cakes touch yet still have Hawaiian theme in it, you can. For example, you can have white colored cakes decorated with some Hawaiian theme, like flowers or trees. The background also takes important role.

Hawaiian Wedding Cakes6

Hawaiian Wedding Cakes2

Hawaiian Wedding Cakes5

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Decorating your cake with wedding cakes toppers is a good idea too. It will enhance the Hawaiian theme. Use wedding cakes toppers like the couples in Hawaiian dress, with ukulele, surfing board and lei, for example.

Hawaiian Wedding Cakes4

Hawaiian Wedding Cakes3

You can also decorate other than cakes with Hawaiian style, for example you can wear hat, spesial flower on the head and neck or you can also wear special clotes. There are some additional accesories you can get from stores, people in Hawaii also love to wear simple and light clotes, so, you can start from there. Hopefully this will open your mind wider than before.

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