8 Unique Mens Wedding Bands as Unforgettable Wedding Gift

There are so many ways to express your love to your mate. One of effective ways is by giving him unique mens wedding bands. Unique means that the model and the design of these bands are extraordinary and exclusive. Here are several ideas for unique bridal bands to be considered.

  1. Unique Mens Wedding Bands Rose Gold

    Unique Mens Wedding Bands Rose Gold With Diamond

Giving finger prints over the wedding band means that you are connected each other. The product above is divided by two different materials; the golden and stainless steal band. The groom gives his finger print over her bridal and so does the bridal. The finger print motif gives special outlook in which no one will ever have such a beautiful band like yours.

  1. Unique Mens Wedding Bands with DiamondUnique Mens Wedding Bands with Diamond

Most of men are fond of mechanical activity. For that cause, this wedding band comes with one of the most important tool in garage. But, it is made of stainlees steel to make it stays last longer. Moreover, the addition of diamond at the middle of the band gives glamour and expensive outlook.

  1. Unique Mens Wedding Bands WoodUnique Mens Wedding Bands Wood

What will happen if natural material combine to mining material? One of the result can be seen on the wedding band product above. By having this product, you can simply change the theme of your band; wood or steel.

  1. Unique Mens Wedding Bands PlatinumUnique Mens Wedding Bands Platinum

Unique mens wedding bands ideas continue with this platina product. As its name, this wedding band is made of platina with plait technique. You are going to be amazed on its detail and you might probably not believe that this wedding band is designed by platina.

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  1. Semi-Wing Unique BandSemi-Wing Unique Band

Actually, both you and your wife should have a couple of semi-wing band. It means that you wear the left wing and your wife uses the left one. When they come together, these bands will create a unity of wings that represent strength and purity.

  1. Yellow Gold Filigree Wedding BandYellow Gold Filigree Wedding Band

At glance, you may tought it was a crown, but it is a wedding ring for men. Even it is made of gold, the design represents masculinity thorugh the bold carve. This product is going to be looking so beautiful in your finger.

  1. Mens Wedding Band in SpinnerMens Wedding Band in Spinner

Spinner wedding band comes as one of the most unique bands ever. It shows certain number that tell a meaningful story behind it. You can make permanent personalization its numbering. You are able to book your wedding date over this product. That is very romantic. This band is made of black stainless steel, so you can wear it in every occasion.

  1. Unique Mens Wedding Bands TitaniumUnique Mens Wedding Bands Titanium

Look at strong and solid outlook of this band. You will never get wrong in giving this band as the wedding gift for your husband. The band is made of titanium and covered with special technique to make it similar to meteorit.

Those are eight unique mens wedding bands to be the inspiration. Since wedding band is important, you need to choose the uniqe and unforgettable product for your beloved.

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