8 Succulent Wedding Favors, a Brilliant Ideas for Your Wedding Gift

Succulent? What is that? For your information, based on Cambridge Digital Dictionary, succulent means a plant such a cactus in which the leaves and stem are thick and can store a lot of water. The body is designed in thick shape in order to prevent from water loss. Its a fresh idea of giving succulent wedding favors on your wedding day. There are many kinds of succulents plant you can use. Here are several of they.

  1. Succulent Wedding Favors DIYSucculent Wedding Favors DIY

It is such a cute and sweet succulent favor idea. The tiny pot and gray lolita are perfect for your wedding favor. Moreover, the personalized tag  over the pot speaks louder than your voice. You are able to create another statement through the paper and put it together with the succulent.

  1. Succulent Wedding Favor in Glass PotSucculent Wedding Favor in Glass Pot

If you are boring with conventional pot, you can choose glass pot. If soil is too mainstream, stones come as its substituter. This favor brings freshness through its natural touches.

  1. Combined-Succulent in Glass Pot

Combined-Succulent Wedding Favors in Glass Pot

It is such a brilliant idea of combining several types of succulent into one pot. You are able to use sand or soil based on your desire. No one could deny its fresh and natural touches on this creation.

  1. Cheap Succulent Wedding FavorsCheap Succulent Wedding Favors

White pot comes as the universal pot in which you can plant all kind of plant inside it. It looks so contrast with the colourful lolita cactus. There is nothing to add in this creation since everything has been so perfect.

  1. Plantquarium Succulent Wedding FavorPlantquarium Succulent Wedding Favor

For those who like aquarium’s live, this one of eight succulent wedding favors comes to fulfil your desire. The creation is inspired by the live inside aquarium, but there will be no water inside it. the use of glass jar shows the pure of water. The succulent plays very well representing the coral in the deep of the sea.

  1. Succulent in Wooden PotSucculent Wedding Favors in Wooden Pot

The principal of reuse and recycle have been adopted in this wedding favor idea. The use of woodas the pot is brilliant idea. It utilizes traces to be something unique and has price value. Moreover, wooden pot brings nature nuance over your room.

  1. Succulent Wedding Favor in Shore AtmospherSucculent Wedding Favor in Shore Atmospher

Can you feel sandy beaches in the exotism of succulent forest through the idea above? If yes, the creation is being successful then. The combination of shel, sand, and succulent are undeniably gorgeous.

  1. Sea Urchin and Wood Slice Succulent Planters

Sea Urchin and Wood Slice Succulent Wedding Planters

Another succulent creation with wood comes to you. The slice of the wood is working very well in substituting plastic or glass pot since they are quite difficult to be apart inside the soil. It is very simple to make this wedding favor with very simple equipment too.

Those are eight succulent wedding favor ideas to be made for your special day. This favor is not only about wedding gift but also the real act to invite people to live in green lifestyle.

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