9 Most Memorable Personalized Playing Cards Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are important to be given for your guest. It is purposed to thank for their coming into your special day. There are so many options to be your wedding favors, including personalized playing cards wedding favors. Card is chosen since it can be played by many people and they can remind you whenever they play with that card. Here are several of the products.

  1. Custom Photo Playing Cards Wedding Favorscustom-photo-playing-cards-wedding-favors

Let your guests know how touchy your love story is through the card. It can be done by adding memorable moments over the cards and let them know while playing with this card. You can make such this unique playing card in printing office.

  1. Personalized Playing Cards Wedding Favors


Another idea for uniqe playing card is by using your childhood photograps behind the card. It is purposed to tell that love is such a destiny. No one who able to predict their mate in the future. To get epic nuance, you can use black and white images.

  1. Card Favor in Love-Shapecard-favor-in-love-shape

Who said that card is always in rectangle shape? You can try new creation through love-shape playing card. It is similar to conventional card actually, but it brings something new thorugh its love-shape.

  1. Romantic Quotes in Playing Cardsromantic-quotes-in-playing-cards

Personalized playing cards wedding favor ideas continue with this product. You are able to amaze every single guest on your wedding party by giving them the most romantic quotes. Those quotes might be printed as the substitution of classic images over the cards. It is more useful since your guests can be motivated too by reading the quotes.

  1. Handmade Card Favorhandmade-card-favor

To give special favor, you don’t need to spend much money since you can make it by yourself. Love message behind the card can be written with your pen and let them know how romantic you are. Remember, considering that it may take more time, it is better for you to make it few times before the H-day.

  1. Personalized Theme Playing Cards Wedding Favorspersonalized-theme-playing-cards-wedding-favors

The packaging speaks louder that its content. When it shows something beautiful, people will thought that the content will be okay too. Share your happines by giving the playing card inside the unique packaging. You can choose your best photos as the case cover and make it as extraordinary wedding favor.

  1. Circular Playing Cardcircular-playing-card

Now, cards come in various shapes, including circle. Basically, the design is similar to rectangle cards, but it is different on its shape of the paper. Circular card brings something new, moreover you give it complete with cylinder case.

  1. Personalized Playing Cards Wedding Favors Cheappersonalized-playing-cards-wedding-favors-cheap

Another card with odd style comes as your option. At glance, this card is looking like a water drop. Nothing to be added in this card because everything is just perfect.

  1. Wedding Favor in Trapezoid Cardwedding-favor-in-trapezoid-card

Trapezoid card is also on the list by its extraordinary shape.

Those are nine personalized playing cards wedding favors to be considered. You need to break the rule to give memorable thing on your special day.

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