9 Most Desirable Mason Jar Centerpieces For Wedding Ideas

Wedding accessories can be taken from many things as long as they support the overall decoration. Mason jar centerpieces for wedding come as the alternative ways to make your party more special and unique. In addition, you don’t have to spend much money since mason jars have reasonable price. Here are some inspirations you might try.

  1. Fireflies Mason Jar for WeddingFireflies Mason Jar for Wedding

Have you ever seen fireflies inside mason jar? Now, you can have it as your wedding accessories. But, you won’t use rea fireflies but small led lights. They should be connected each other with wires and use small battery as the electric source.

  1. Glasses-Mason Jar for WeddingGlasses-Mason Jar for Wedding

Clarity and purity will be suitable for all wedding theme. Do not underestimate water as your mason jar filler. It works well in creating fresh and pure nuances during your wedding party.

  1. Memorable Photograph as Mason Jar Filler for WeddingMemorable Photograph as Mason Jar Filler for Wedding

If you are willing to show your way to get true love, you are able to put some of memorable images inside the mason jar. Put them on the centre of the table and let your guests enjoy the story behind your photographs.

  1. Dandelion Mason Jar for WeddingDandelion Mason Jar for Wedding

Once a flower, forever will be a flower. Dandelion saves romantic value on its sepals. Now you can have it as your wedding accessories by placing it inside the mason jar. Join the jars together with ribbon and put them inside the box.

  1. Mason Jar with Candle for WeddingMason Jar with Candle for Wedding

Mason jar centerpieces for wedding shower continue with this creation. There are many ways to play with your candle. Candles are not only working well as lighter, but also as wedding accessories. For dramatic result, you can select mason jar made with plastic coating since it won’t let the light comes out from the jar.

  1. Natural Filler for Mason JarNatural Filler for Mason Jar

Boring with ordinary vase bouquet? You can try to combine fruit and flower as your mason jar’s filler. Make slices of orange and put them inside the mason jar. Now, it is time to place your favourite flower and you centerpiece is ready.

  1. Farm Nuance Mason Jar for WeddingFarm Nuance Mason Jar for Wedding

Farm theme for your wedding is such a wonderful idea. You are able to play with many seeds to represent farm on your wedding. In this occasion, the combination of corn and candle are chosen to be wedding interior. There is no other words to describe this creation than epic.

  1. Hanging Lamp Made of Mason JarHanging Lamp Made of Mason Jar

Who said that centerpiece is always situated over the table? You can apply mason jar as part of your hanging lamp. This creation is rarely used, so it will be something new if you apply it for your wedding party.

  1. Luminous Mason jar for Wedding with FlowerLuminous Mason jar for Wedding with Flower

You want mason jar with flower, but at the same time your mate wants light as the filler. Why don’t combine both in one jar?

Those are nine inspiration of mason jar centerpieces for wedding. No one woud deny that those creations are fabuous. Now it is your time to apply the same things. Choose the idea based on your desire.

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