10 Most-Simple Wood Slices For Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding party is the right time to amaze your guest. But, the most important thing is how your decorations inspire them. Using remnant or trace materials such as wood slices is the brilliant idea. Reusing residue items is way better than throw it away. Here are several wood slices for wedding centerpieces idea.

  1. Simple Wood Slice Wedding Centerpieces AccessorySimple Wood Slice Wedding Centerpieces Accessory

This is the most simple idea for having centerpiece from wood. It is okay to use new wooden, but it is much better if you utilize trace woods. Cut the wood for about five centimetres width. Apply sandpaper over the surface to clear it up.

  1. Coloured Wooden Wedding CenterpieceColoured Wooden Wedding Centerpiece

If you are willing something different with your wooden centerpiece, you are able to play with your favourite colour. But, you need to know that the use of colour can cover the beauty of natural pattern over the woods.

  1. Small and Cute Wooden Wedding Centerpiece

    Small and Cute Wooden Wedding Centerpiece

Having small slices of the woods as your wedding centerpiece are never getting too much. It can be suited based on the items above. You are also able to decide which wood is higher than other.

  1. Wooden Heap Wedding CenterpieceWooden Heap Wedding Centerpiece

This idea is purposed to point out the item over the wood. You will need two slices of woods in different sizes. The wider wood is situated under the smaller one.

  1. Wooden Candle Wedding CenterpieceWooden Candle Wedding Centerpiece

Wood slices for wedding centerpieces continue with this one. To get done with this idea, you need to prepare wood slices in certain length. With drill, make hole on the middle part of the wood as the place of your candle. Place this art work over the table and see how it amaze your guests.

  1. Small Tables Wedding Centerpiece from Wood SlicesSmall Tables Wedding Centerpiece from Wood Slices

You can locate wood slices much higher by using the proper. The proper is made of quite thick wood slices which are situated under it. The result will look like small table over the table.

  1. Cake Stage Wedding Centerpiece from Wood Slices

Cake Stage Wedding Centerpiece from Wood Slices

Wedding is identical to cakes. For that cause, you can make this creation to substitute table. It is made of wood slices and single wood bar. The wood slices are drilled on their center in order to enter the wood bar. Add glue to make them as solid as possible.

  1. Joined Wood-Slices Table Wedding CenterpieceJoined Wood-Slices Table Wedding Centerpiece

Another small table from wood slices come as another option. As you see, the table is made of slices of the woods which are joined into one by glue. No one could reject to sit behind it during your wedding party.

  1. Plate Wedding Centerpiece from Wood SlicesPlate Wedding Centerpiece from Wood Slices

Wedding party is not complete without having dinner or lunch together. For that cause, wood slices are able to substitute the use of plates. But, you have to ensure that the surface is totally clean and hygine.

  1. Vase Wedding Centerpiece from Wood SlicesVase Wedding Centerpiece from Wood Slices

Because glass vases are too mainstream, you can use wood slices as your bouquet place. All you need to do is drilling the middle part as the location of flowers to be.

Those are the top ten wood slices for wedding centerpieces ideas. Now, it is time for you to decide which one is the most suitable for you. Happy trying.

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