Camo Wedding Cakes, Are You Sure?

Camo Wedding Cakes5 – Are you looking for unusual ideas for your wedding? Or are you looking for a sense of personal touch on your wedding cakes? Try camo cakes for wedding. Whether either the bride or groom is a soldier or you just interested in having unusual wedding cakes, camo cakes is a good choice. It shows creativity and if either of the couple is a soldier, it shows patriotism. And just like camo wedding dress, camo cakes will stand up and grab the attention of the guests.


What kind of cakes should be used?

Camo Wedding Cakes

You can make camo cakes for your wedding from both flat cakes and multi tiers cakes. Depends on your situation. If your wedding is an intimate, small with only a few guests, you don’t need to have multi tiered cake. Instead, you should consider using flat cakes. There are two reasons. The first one is because of available space; it can be designed better than the multi tiers. Details can be added. A flat cake with bright camo pattern can act as decoration and give dramatic effect. Flat cakes is a good choice f you want to have unique wedding cake toppers because it will provide a sturdy platform. Also, it is almost always more affordable than the multi tiered.

Camo Wedding Cakes4

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Multi tiered cakes, however, can provide as many opportunities as the flat cakes do. There are a lot of choices also. Each tier can be decorated with camo pattern or only the top tier has the pattern, while the rest are in white. If there is no agreement between the bride and the groom about what kind of their wedding cakes should look like, multi tiered can be a solution. Well, why not “marry” both ideas? The cakes can be divided into two kinds of decorations, or just simply add each element from both ideas.


Camo Wedding Cakes3

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What if you want camo cakes with traditional touch?

Camo Wedding Cakes2

Don’t worry. You can have both wedding camo cake with the look of traditional wedding cakes, but still amaze your eyes. For example, you can keep your wedding cakes white with the camo element come from the wedding cakes toppers. Also you can use elegant piping along the bottom and the top of each tier of the cakes. Or, you can use two different cakes. One is the camo cake and the other is the traditional.

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