The Facts for Trumpet Style Wedding Dresses

There are so many different types and styles for the wedding dresses. When you are doing your research to find the perfect dress for you, you may encounter several different types of dresses that you have never heard before. What about the trumpet style wedding dresses ? Have you ever heard about it before? Read further to get a clearer understanding about the dress.

The Trumpet Design: The Basic Idea

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What is the trumpet wedding dress, anyway? If you take a closer look at the design, you know that this design has a close-fitting bodice that hugs the body lines nicely with flare skirts on the bottom. Mind you that close-fitting is different from being tight. A tight bodice tends to show off some of the unappealing sections of your body but a close-fitting design will compliment your figure nicely without overdoing it.

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The trumpet design is based on the shape of the musical instrument, focusing on the gradual flare of the skirt. This type of dress is perfect for all kinds of body figures, even the curvy and the large type. Some of the plus size brides choose this style because it is able to enhance their body figure and curves, hugging their assets nicely and smoothly.

Trumpet vs Mermaid Style

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When it comes to trumpet wedding design, a lot of people tend to mistake it as the mermaid style dress. If you take a glimpse of both of the dresses, they may look the same but they have a slight difference. However, people all these years tend to interchange them both so it is pretty understandable if you get confused of the style.

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A trumpet wedding dress is somewhat simpler when compared to the mermaid dress, which is often considered more dramatic. The silhouette of the trumpet dress is subtle and understated while the silhouette of the mermaid dresses is more dramatic and enhanced. In the trumpet dress, the proportion of the close-fitting bodice and the gradual flares is subtle – almost minimal. In the mermaid dress, however, the proportion is bigger as the flares of the skirts are also wider and larger.

Moreover, the flare of the skirt in the mermaid dress usually starts from the knee or even below the knee. In the trumpet dress, on the other hand, the flare starts from the middle thigh. They may not be different too much but if you take a closer look at the designs, you should be able to see the differences.

The Benefits

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Naturally, there are some benefits that you can enjoy from choosing this trumpet style wedding dresses, such as:

  • It can add a feminine look or curves to a straight body line or figure. It can also enhance the curves when you have the curvy body.
  • It is great to create a harmonious and balanced appearance of both the glam and the drama
  • It offers elegant look without compromising style and fashion
  • It offers flexibility and freedom in moving around since the flare starts from the mid thigh. It allows you to move effortlessly or even glide smoothly across the dance floor.


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