Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas: The Etiquettes

Wedding Vow Renewal – There are so many different reasons why couples decide to have their wedding vow renewed. Whether it is because they want to re-do the memory where they tied the knots or they want to do it the right way this time. In most cases, renewing your wedding vow can be a great plan to show your love to each other.

Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas

Keep in mind, though, that wedding vow renewal has some etiquette of which appropriate and which isn’t. Simply follow the rules and you won’t e viewed as awkward or even inappropriate by the society. There are a set of common rules to follow. Mind you, a wedding vow renewal should be a re-commitment, a kind of anniversary present to each other.

What is Appropriate: The Dos

Here are the things to do:

  • Create a new element that is perfect for the couples. Whether it is a new theme or an elaborate accessories or décor, such elements will be a lifetime memento.
  • Make sure that you plan everything well. It is a personal event for the couples so it is only logical if they are financially involved themselves. Parents or other family members aren’t responsible for the financial bear.
  • It would be okay to involve other family members or kids in the celebration; not in the financial planning.
  • Although it is not a must, exchange new rings or write another custom vow will be okay
  • You are free to wear any color of the dress you like, even white – as long as it is not a wedding dress.
  • It is also okay to have a party with wedding reception-like style.

What Is Inappropriate: The Don’ts

Here are the things you should avoid:

  • Having a bachelor party. You are married, remember? This type of party is only appropriate for the single ones.
  • Wearing a wedding dress. It is not a wedding, mind you so wearing a wedding gown would be considered inappropriate or weird.
  • Asking for gifts. This is not the beginning of your married life so you won’t need gifts or whatsoever.
  • Having a wedding shower. Clearly, a wedding shower is a celebration to ‘shower’ the couples with the things they need to start their new lives together. Your married life started years ago so it wouldn’t be appropriate anymore.

Some of the Creative Ideas

So, here are some of the most interesting and creative wedding vow renewal ideas that you can consider. For every years that have passed by, you want to celebrate it with some unique themes and ideas, such as:

Mini me version

wedding vow renewal ideas_mini me

You can celebrate the event with your kids. Rekindle the memory by having your picture and the new one displayed side by side.

Family affair

wedding vow ideas_Family affair

What’s better than celebrating your anniversary with the whole family? Having a candid photos of the whole member will mean a lot.

Love timeline

Wedding Vow Ideas_Love timeline

Facebook isn’t the only thing that has a timeline; your love story does too! You can write the most important and crucial moments of your life together. Trust me, it will be sweet.

The story of us

Wedding Vow Ideas_story of us

You can have rustic photos displayed that will show how your marriage develops and evolves.

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