4 Perfect and Unique wedding invitation ideas, Also Useful Tips

Unique wedding invitation – One aspect about wedding ceremony is guest. You can’t really have the ceremony without inviting some people. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a grand scale ceremony like marriage between lady Diana and Prince Charles or much smaller scale family to family small wedding ceremony, guests must be present. How to get guests for your wedding ceremony ? Invitation. Traditionally wedding invitation are in stylized form envelope or other form of shape. In this article we will provide some wedding invitation ideas which you can use to enhance the presentation of your wedding.

unique wedding invitation

The ideas

In this section we will visit some ideas for your wedding invitation. Most would be printed or made option and one would be online.

Ideas #1 : Fairy tale, fantasy, middle ages letter press invitation.

unique wedding invitation ideas-Fairy tale

Perhaps some people interested toward middle ages theme where dragons and castles around. The letter press invitation are made just for that. Specifically based on paper similar to what people at that time use and stylized letters. This wedding invitation will simply blow your guest away in amazement.

Ideas #2 :Floral Invitation

unique wedding invitation ideas-Floral Invitation

        Having your wedding day at spring ? Clearly a floral invitation style would suit your need for wedding invitation. The style come in pack with beautiful green envelope with invitation letter decorated with nice green leaves pictures.

Ideas #3 : Engraved wood Invitation

unique wedding invitation ideas-Engraved wood Invitation

        Need something more sturdy than paper ? Look no further. Engraved wood bring you the best and unique idea you can use for your invitation. You can have it ordered from some stationary shops like swiss cottage design.

Ideas #4 : Chocolate wrapper invitation.

unique wedding invitation ideas-Chocolate wrapper invitation

        Everyone love sweet things and chocolate. So why not put one inside your invitation ? This kind of invitation is suitable for summer wedding. One concern is of course the chocolate can melt down.

Things to note before helding the ceremony :

        In this section we will detail some stuff you may need to notice before actually holding your wedding ceremony. All these helpful tips will add more comfort and joy for your guest who will attend your party.

  1. Matching between invitation and party

First of all, pick an invitation that should match your party. It’s not wise to pick floral invitation if your party in fact a middle ages themed. Wedding party is a formal party anyway where people have to dress just accordingly. and the way one should dress would be reflected in your invitation.

  1. Link and distribute information about wedding website if you have one

In this digital world, announcing everything and let the whole world see it is just a few clicks away. Beside formal printed invitation you can also go online and announce your wedding ceremony. Be it through a specially made website or just use facebook. The online invitation or website can basically contain everything like details, maps, who’s the host or special guests.

  1. Have fun and be creative

Yes the wedding ceremony is a formal event. However there are no rules nor restrictions on how you should do it. You can just have fun and make any style for your invitations.

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