Men’s titanium wedding rings with diamonds pros and cons

Men’s titanium wedding rings with diamonds pros and cons – There’s no event for men that can match the thrill and having such mysterious appealing aura than wedding. It’s a sacred event which testify the man’s long term commitment and the beginning of a new phase of life. One item that always present in any wedding is a ring set. Containing rings for both the bride and groom.

Titanium Ring

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An aerospace alloy. Ever heard of SR-71 Blackbird spy plane ? Yes it’s made using titanium. Same as Soviet/Russian built Alfa/Lyra class submarine. The metal now also come in as alternate material foryour wedding ring. Titanium is a white metal with density of around 4500 Kg/m3. The pure titanium is not actually suitable for machining or metal works due to its soft nature it has to be alloyed with other metal such as aluminum.

Titanium made jewelry are not new, they have been around since 1990’s. One major supplier and manufacturer in US is Arnell workshops inc with their website titanium rings. You may reach or visit them for order your titanium wedding ring and general titanium jewelry.

Construction of titanium ring

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The construction for titanium rings are based on forming from solid bars, tubes or even sheet of titanium. Cut into desired shape and size of the ring. The machining of the titanium is same as machining stainless steel, and use the same machinery. because of the metal’s properties however. Typical jewelry making process such as rolling and soldering are impractical for titanium. It’s still possible through using a special chamber and use of laser welder, to allow titanium to be welded. However not many shops have this kind of equipment at their disposal.

The Pros

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By nature titanium is light, strong and most importantly non reactive and non corrosive. It can goes well with those people having allergy to metal which can’t wear ring made out of other material such as copper and steel, and won’t react to anything even with aqua regia. Thus there’s no fear of the ring got rusted for good. The ring may also be considered exotic, especially after popularized by movie the Abyss in 1990’s. With diamond or other gemstone attached it would perfectly imitate white gold ring, which more expensive.

The downside

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There is however a downside from titanium ring is that they are viewed as being too cheap and not really representing commitment and longevity of marriage. There’s also a problem that not every shop out there can work on titanium ring. Another probable problem is its quite expensive cost. Although may not as costly as gold or white gold.

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When the time come for either scaling up and scaling down the ring, it would have to be returned to the manufacturer or worse, disposed altogether and just order a new ring. If it has a diamond, it could hawever be re-attached to new ring. Might not be option for some men but at least that’s one option for your wedding ring.

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