5 Nice Ivory Lace Wedding Shoes Choices

5 Nice Ivory Lace Wedding Shoes Choices – Ivory lace shoes are equipments you will totally need to put on especially on your wedding. It’s elegant and high class color will make you fly to the sky and beautify your appearance. However, you might be confused where you can buy it and meet the shoes price with your budget. Moreover, if you don’t have much time, you might also be confused about which designs will fit you. Ivory lace wedding shoes are available to be found out.

Lace white ivory wedding shoes with crystal and lower high heels.

Lace white ivory wedding shoes with crystal

If you don’t like a very high high heels, this lace white ivory wedding shoes which is available on E-Bay online shop is the best one for you. Although the heel is not too high, its clear crystal will beautify your appearance. The size starts from 5-12. If you buy it on E-Bay, you will have free shipping and it only costs $29.99.

White wedding rhinestone stiletto for women.

White wedding rhinestone stiletto for women

White wedding rhinestone stiletto

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Despite having a lower high heels, for you who loves so much high heels especially stiletto, reach this stiletto on E-Bay online shop as well. It’s elegant design will make you taller. With the same price as that of number one, $ 29.99 you will have a high class design with its accessories applied on the skin.

Women’s white and flowery high heel.

Women’s white and flowery high heel

Do you love flower? Do you love a medium height of high heels? Now you can get it on E-Bay online shop to have your unforgettable beautiful high heel. This high heel is covered with flowery and wavy shape. Your leg will look beautiful. It costs $38.00. Although the price is a little bit higher but the quality and the design meets the price!

Pearl Lace Flower Wedding shoes

Pearl Lace Flower Wedding shoes

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Now you can combine flower and pearl at the same time. On E-Bay you can order it with the price of $29.98. The price is quite cheap compared to other stores. The height of the high heel is 8 cm therefore it’s considered that this kind of design will be easily suitable for anyone either she likes to wear high heel or not. The shipping is free.

Pearly white ivory wedges

Pearly white ivory wedges

If you want to add more number of your height but you are afraid of wearing stiletto, you can wear these beautiful wedges. Accompanied with pearls, you can order it through E-Bay with the price of $29.99 and free shipping.

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