5 Nice and Beautiful Gold Shoes for Wedding

5 Nice and Beautiful Gold Shoes for Wedding – It is believed that gold could be a symbol of elegance and luxuries. It’s sparkling could shine over the room. So, why not trying on wedding Gold Shoes ?You even can choose any designs with different price and the prices are quite affordable and logic. Not only for going to a wedding, but also you can also wear your gold shoes to other occasions.

  1. Marna-28 by De Blossom

Marna-28 by De Blossom

Marna-28, a product of De Blossom, is a high quality high heel. Toeless and its back cover will make you feel safe. Its twirling design will cover your front leg. Combining with silver colour will make feel perfect. It’s only USD 49.00.

  1. Gap-15 by De Blossom

Gap-15 by De Blossom

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Another product by De Blossom is Gap-15. A pair of gold shoes with simpler style than that of Marna-28. It’s not a twirling style. It has two lines to cover your leg. The price is same as that of the previous product, that is USD 49.00. These two lines cover your leg horizontally. You can add more laces if you want to create it like other many laces shoes.

  1. Glitzy-2 by Pierre Dumas

Glitzy-2 by Pierre Dumas

For you who will go to a wedding party without a high heel, you can wear Glitzy-2 “a-wedge-like” gold shoes, a product by Pierre Dumas. Previously, its price was USD 39 but now it’s been USD 29. A “X” front will beautify your leg. You can still expose your nail painting by wearing this Glitzy-2.

  1. Barbara-19 by De Blossom

Barbara-19 by De Blossom

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Another “more covered” gold shoe by De Blossom is named Barbara-19. For you who likes high heel with much to cover part for your leg, this is the solution! Peach colour dominates it with its front part covered by a little bit silver. Same as other De Blossom product, the price is USD 49.00. The cover is painted with lace therefore it’s simpler but still beautiful.

  1. Barbara-18 by De Blossom

Barbara-18 by De Blossom

Similar to Barbara-19, De Blossom releases gold shoes for wedding that will cover your leg. Toeless but your leg is covered with silver bullets. Like other De Blossom’s products, it is a high heel with the same price that is USD 49.00. What makes it different from other gold shoes is it can be worn by people who do not want to have too much gold on their legs since it is covered by silver bullets.

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