Important Rules Before You Wear Opal Wedding Rings

Important Rules Before You Wear Opal Wedding Rings – Opal wedding rings and jewelry recently gained popularity. It’s unique looks with multi-color pattern give different nuances and aura compared to other gemstones like diamond, ruby or amethyst. Those who seek something unique and original for their wedding ring might consider this gemstone, it might not sparkle or glittering like diamonds but it’s color pattern give exotic look.

Opal what and how

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Before we move further into how one actually get Opal wedding rings It would be useful to gain some insight and information on what is opal, where does it come and how it can become part of jewelry. Technically speaking, opal is considered as “amorphous” form of silicate thus considered as “mineraloid”. It’s internal structure however is able to diffract light that passed through, thus give the famous color pattern. Opal can take many colors, green however the most common is while black opal is the rarest and considered the most precious.

The Opal name itself has many versions in origin. Some stated that opal was derived from ancient Greek word Opallios that means “to see change in colors”. However the word only appeared after takeover of ancient greeks by romans in 180 BC. Other theory however stated that it might be derived from Sanskrit word “Upala” The ancient roman actually imported their opals from Bosporus based traders who themselves obtained the opals from India.

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Geographical spread of opal is worldwide. Major deposit however is found in Australia, where many famous and record breaking opal were found. The precious black opal was also discovered there. Mining of opal are done in the open pit or underground. After that they will be processed, polished and cut before sent to jewelers to make jewelry including your opal wedding rings. Opals however were also found in other nations like Ethiopia, United States, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Brazil. There is also major deposit in some eastern European nations like Hungary, Czech Republic and Turkey. In Asia it was found in Indonesia.

Views on Opal

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Opal gemstone has mixed history, the ancient roman valued it very highly due to its unique color pattern, and they even valued it second only to emerald. At the middle age opal was considered to give good luck to its wearer and even went as far as providing invisibility. In 19th century however a novel by Sir Walter Scott.

A famous Scottish novelist, brought down opal’s popularity on Europe as his novel depict the death of the main character that related to the supernatural opal. As a result the sells= of opal in Europe fell down with over 50% reduction and remain so 20 years later.   During Victorian era however. Opal gained back its popularity as queen Victoria was an avid lover of the gemstone, using it throughout her regime which lasted over a century.

Picking your opal wedding ring   

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So after reviewing bits and bits about the gemstone, it’s time to pick the good opal for your wedding ring. One main concern of opal wedding ring is the endurance. Unlike diamonds. Opal have less hardness, thus vulnerable to impact or falling damage. Should you plan to use it for a wedding ring here are some tips that can help you in picking durable opal ring .

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  • Bezel setting provides much better protection compared to claw mounting for your opal. Bezel follows the curvature of your opal, thus giving it a firm and secure mountings.
  • It is recommended to choose opal with low cabochon. Cabochon is a shape of a gem with dome on one side and flat on its base. The higher the cabochon the more likely your opal will be damaged by impact.

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Those tips are not exhaustive but would be useful to ensure that your opal ring can last a lifetime as your marriage would be.

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