Mens Unique Wedding Bands, Titanium or Stainless Steel ?

Mens Unique Wedding Bands, Titanium or Stainless Steel ? – Wedding might be alife changing event to a men, the sign of maturity, sign of that they are ready to take on the duty as a head of family and lot more. Because of the nature of the event men might consider to have something unique like specially designed bands which make it unique among other kind of bands. Uniqueness can come from many factors like styles, shapes and any visual aesthetics or other philospohy that can form mens wedding bands.

Mens unique wedding bands-Pic04-Tungsten carbide ring

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In this article we will look up on some mens wedding bands design material. It might seems weird at first but having some knowledge of materials one can use, it’s possible to further deepens and convey philosophy of your marriage, like say, going titanium for sophisticated looks for marrying daughter of a famous aerospacecompany owner.


Mens unique wedding bands-Pic05-Palladium ring

An aerospace alloy. Ever heard of SR-71 Blackbird spy plane ? Yes it’s made using titanium. Recently however it’s also come in as alternate material for mens wedding bands. Titanium is a white metal with density of around 4500 Kg/m3. The pure titanium is not actually suitable for machining or metal works due to its soft nature it has to be alloyed with other metal such as aluminum.

Titanium ring

mens unique wedding bands-Pic01-Titanium ring

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Titanium made jewelry are not new, they have been around since 1990’s. One major supplier and manufacturer in US is Arnell workshops inc with their website titanium rings. You may reach or visit them for order mens wedding bands and general jewelry.

Mens unique wedding bands-Pic03-Aluminum ring

There is however a downside from titanium ring is that they are viewed as being too cheap and not really representing commitment and longevity of marriage. There’s also a problem that not every shop out there can work on titanium ring. Thus when the time come for either scaling up and scaling down the ring, it would have to be returned to the manufacturer or worse, disposed altogether and just order a new ring. Might not be option for some men but at least that’s one option for unique wedding bands for men.

Stainless Steel

Mens unique wedding bands-Pic02-A stainless steel ring with finish

Steel, our everyday life’s metal from simple knife to bridge, now it’s also available as candidate material for mens wedding bands. Since the invention of Bessemer steel making process at mid ninetenth century steel has shaped much of human civilization. This metal has lots of desirable values that make it the metal of choice for industry.

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