Mens Black Wedding Rings, This is the Reason Why People Choose Black

Mens Black Wedding Rings, This is the Reason Why People Choose Black – Black has been a long time viewed as color of mystery, masculine, fierce and for some, it has alluring beauty. Jewelry designers worldwide also embraced this beauty by creating various dark colored jewelry including man black wedding rings. Some people may ask for this unusual choice of color. However this article might provide clarity on what’s behind the black wedding rings philosophy.

Black as sign of power and authority

Mens Black Wedding Ring-Black

Ever been to the court ? You might notice that the court’s judge panel wears black outfit, and most cops wears black although nowadays the color have been mostly replaced by less menacing blue or brown. Thus black accessories and adornments are sign of authority and powerful person, the color also used by government official car like limousine used by obama and government officials. Mens wedding rings also come with the similar aura thus why black can be a color of choice, indicating a powerful and high authority couple.

A Sign of desire of functionality

Mens Black Wedding Ring-desire of functionality

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At the early days, many tools, electronics and even cars were painted black, plain black without any additonal color. One example was Ford model T car which only available in black color from 1914 to 1926. The featurless black emphasizing the object’s shape and most importantly function, this is aesthetically pleasing for people who wants to keep everything in simple manner. While men basically like things simple thereby underlying the reason behind black wedding ring.

Elegance and Fashion of Black

Mens Black Wedding Ring-Elegance and Fashion

Beside emphasize in an object’s functionality, black was also considered elegant color. In Europe and United States. In Europe black was considered a fashionable color for clothes as early as 17th century for both business and evening activities. Clothes designers like Karl Lagerfeld stated that black color goes well with everything. Another designer Christian Dior stated that black exemplifies elegance. Thus mens black ring have a strong ground in the color selection and inherenty fashionable and elegant.

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You may ask “Since when people or men wear such a ring ?” The answer is that black ring was already around since ancient time. Ancient greek jewel masters already carved wedding ring out of black quartz and black onyx thousands of years ago. Similar trends are followed by ancient Roman. So mens black wedding bands basically already around and become a well established fashion for a long time.

Mens Black Wedding Ring-Pic 05

So after reading this article will you still consider that black color is always associated with mourns, sadness, evil, dark force and such ? Today one can find black colored jewelry and black wedding rings without any problems at store.

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