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Make your own wedding cake – Making your own wedding cake?, it might be a simple subject. But there’s more to it, not only the cake must taste good but also need to actually suits your wedding ceremony. There are several steps need to be taking account of to ensure that the wedding cake will actually suits the ceremony.

The cake itself

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So you finally decided in make your own cakewedding, that’s good and probably easy today as there are plentiful of resources you can draw into. Books, internet, friend’s secret recipes or perhaps you don’t really need to make your own cake for wedding entirely, you can get a pre-made cake in store instead and decorate it according to your taste or if you being more considerate, you can try matching things like color of the cake, the height ( wedding in large chapel will naturally demand high wedding cake) and other visual accessories that will ensure the cake would contribute to the philosophy and visual aesthetics of your ceremony.

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To further improving the visual aesthetics of your wedding cake, you might also consider in enlisting professional help. There are many bakery and dedicated wedding company out there that offer such service such as Sarah’s Stands which specializes in cake stands decoration. Having them involved may incur a bit of cost but it will pay off in the long run, in shape of highly memorable, sacred and most importantly delicious party. These professionals can also help you in making the most of your budget into beauty, so you can cook your own wedding cake that is inexpensive but still look gorgeous and match your wedding.

The surroundings

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The essence of aesthetics in a wedding ceremony however are more than just cook your own wedding cake that beautifully designed and delicious. There are also some more things to do which may seems off topic from cullinary subject but important to further improve the beauty of your cake. One thing you can do is to ensure that the cake is accessible meaning that people attending your wedding ceremony can see it and appreciate your effort in making and designing your own wedding cake.

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Another aspect is the table, one tip is to use linen lining or other custom cloth that helps inviting your guest’s focus to the cake. One extra tip is to not using white color on the table top. This will help improving the photographic composition of not only wedding cake but also overall wedding ceremony. Remember it’s memory that is the most important about wedding.


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