Easy Steps in Making Ice Cream Wedding Cake

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Easy Steps in Making Ice Cream Wedding Cake – Wedding ice cream cake, not really a novelty but can add more value to your weddings or quite sizeable amount of cash if you wish to commercialize your skill. Making Ice cream cake, take patience and time but that’s not something you cannot do. In this article you will learn a bit about how to make a simplewedding Ice cream cake with strawberry topping. Might not be exhaustive but it can serve as a starting point.


            For this basic recipe of wedding ice cream cake you will need the following materials, all of them are easily obtainable at local minimarket or stores. They are :

  • Basic chocolate cake, you may make one or for sake of simplicity, get one.
  • Three cups of strawberry ice cream, you can also make your own variety too

For the toppings :

  • Raspberries and/or strawberry, cuts or intact and how many of them are depend on your preferences.
  • A quarter cup of sugar
  • Three quarter cup of cold cream
  • A teaspoon of vanilla

Tools you may need :

  • Platter or even a cake stand if you desire to make multiple tiered cake.
  • Two Bowls for topping preparation
  • Mixer
  • Fridge or equivalent, which to allow the ice cake to properly freeze before serving, nobody wants to eat already melting ice cream.

The making

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Now we can start our simple ice cream cake for wedding. First of all is to arrange the cake, first is to cut the basic chocolate cake horizontally put the lower part of the cake on the platter. While remaining half somewhere else (you can add additional platter). After that scoop or arrange the ice cream on top of the first cake layer, you may add the strawberry or raspberries as inclusion (but make sure that you’ll still have enough for the topping). Use the offset spatulas to even the spread of the ice cream until it cover the entire cake. After that put the 2nd half of the cake you previously cut on top of the ice cream layer. Use the spatula to smooth out the ice cream around the cake, make sure nothing spills out between the layer.

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Your simple ice cream cake for wedding is basically ready but we need it freeze for the further stage, so put it into the fridge and let it freeze properly for around 3-4 hours. Half an hour before serving, you may remove the cake from the fridge, let it in the room temperature while we begin to prepare the toppings. We may start preparing the topping cream first by pouring the cold cream to the bowl, add a tablespoon of sugar and the vanilla. Mix with mixer at medium speed for one or two minutes until medium peaks formed. Prepare another bowl for the strawberry/respberries topping, and add two teaspoon of sugar.

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Finally, the decoration time. Pour the prepared cream topping on top of the ice cream cake, you may use spatula to even their spread on the cake, and add the strawberry topping and voila, you have done your ice cream cake.

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