Grecian style wedding dresses, Its History and Accessories that Match

Grecian style wedding dresses, Its History and Accessories that Match – Looking for a simplistic style for your bride ? Maybe a simple tunic or simply decorated two piece clothing. Grecian wedding dresses might be your solution. The style is often very simple with soft colors like white or light blue or light brown. However it’s simplicity makes it outstanding and basically timeless. In this article however we will provide tiny-winy bits of information about the style, history and some tips to make most of your grecian wedding dresses.

Grecian dress a short history

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Although bear name of Grecian. The grecian wedding dresses and other grecian styled dress were actually derived from ancient roman clothing. The roman themselves however followed the dressing style from the ancient greece, original ancient greece style however had lost with no surviving cloth. Thus why we relies on ancient roman and surviving text to “re-define” the grecian style.

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Based on available accounts and text. The original ancient greece clothing were very simple, mainly home made with very little sewing effort. Production of the fabric at that time were time consuming and difficult. Thus ready made clothes were rare and expensive, the production cloth were simply draped around the wearer’s body and kept in place by buttons or fasteners. Typical color for the ancient greek dressings are usually plain white, coloration and accessories however does exist although not very common. Clothing accessories like jewelry can be sewn or buttoned at the clothes.

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The roman clothing where our current Grecian style derived have similarity with the ancient greece but with some differences in accessories. If greek style prefer complex and high quality metalworks, ancient Roman have more extensive set of jewelry preferences consist of gemstones and more diverse kind of jewelry thanks to wider access to outer world. Something which Greek lacked of before the era of Alexander the Great.

Matching the accessories

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So now you have decided that grecian style wedding dresses would be your mainstay for your big day, it’s time to make it look even more fabulous. There are some accessories that would match the style and simplicity of the grecian style like the following :

  • Headbands : does not need to be actually grecian stye design, however additions of sparkling diamonds would give the bracelet more ability to enhance the look of your bride.
  • Bracelets : Rhinestone and Silver bracelet make a perfect match for your grecian style dress.
  • Shoes : The ancient greece originally wear kind of open footwear, like sandal. In modern days however one might prefer flats or heels and even stilletos. Silver or white is reccommended color.

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Another element to consider is using styling of the hair and make up as it was common practice during the ancient days.

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