Diamond wedding bands for women: Where did my diamond came from ?

Diamond wedding bands for women: Where did my diamond came from ? – Everyday we see diamonds, a nature made beauty originated deep below the earth, formed and tempered by billion years of great process of carbon formation,it yields the form of rough diamonds. It later mined cut and formed to the form we see right now, as a jewelries, like rings and diamond bands for women, various accessories or a part of sophisticated industrial and scientific instrument. In this article readers will be guided from the start of the formation of a diamond to the end product one may see at the industry or jewelry today.

Formation of Diamond, how the natural beauty formed

Diamond wedding bands for women-Picture 01 Centenary diamond

As mentioned in the first passage, diamonds are formed from hot compression processes down below the earth, sometime as deep as 300 kilometers deep and the length of the process can be in duration of million to billions of years (Most diamond found are 1-3 billion years old). During the process, the carbon which constitutes the diamond underwent very high pressure in order of 4500-6000 MPa (MegaPascal) and somewhat low temperature of 900-1300 degrees Celcius or just about 9-13 times the boiling point of water.

Because of the very specific condition mentioned above, that support diamond formation, it can only be formed at Earth’s lithosphericlayer, below the Earth’s crust or a meteoritecrater site. After formation of diamond, it would be spread by movement of Earth’s mantle and tectonic plate, sometime the movement occurred from the depth to just near the surface of the earth where the magma that carries the diamond will cool off and form a deposit called as “Kimberlite”. However not all of the Kimberlite deposit may contain diamond.

Kimberlite Deposit where diamond could be found

Diamond wedding band for women-Picture 02-Kimberlite Deposit where diamond could be found

The deposit however may sometime undergo further erosions or volcanic activities, spreading the diamond further to the surface and even to body of water and to the depth of sea, mining technique exists to extract this valuable deposit.


Diamond wedding bands for women-Picture 05-Diamond bands, one of the embodiement of diamond mining and processing

Mining of diamond is a huge task, require great expertise, time, heavy duty equipment and huge amount of manpower. Many major producers of diamond such as South Africa, Russia and Botswana have large and deep open pit mines with super heavy drills, dredge and cranes to break the Kimberlite pipe and extract the diamonds. The nature of the deposit will determine the technique and even machinery used to extract the deposits.

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Some mining techniques are open pit, this technique is employed when the kimberlite deposit are located near the surface and easily accessible, the scale of the mining is great and easily become landmark like Russian Mir diamond mine or also known as “Well to hell”

Russian Mir Mirny Open pit diamond mine

diamond wedding bands for women-Picture 03-Russian Mir Mirny Open pit diamond mine

Another mining technique is alluvial or sediementary mining, this technique is employed on a deposit located within the riverbed or shallow sea bed, in this technique an artificial dam is created to hold the water Thus keeping it from degrading the deposit, then mining equipments or other machinery is lowered and extracting the deposit. About 24% of the world’s diamond supplies are from this mining technique.

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Since the kimberlite deposit may extend well below the ground, sometime provided that the underground deposit is still considered worthy and the mine produce stable amount of diamond. Mining can extend deep to underground path of the kimberlite, this technique is known as underground mining. Diamond deposit can also be found deep within the sea bed known as “marine deposit” In order to extract it specialized ship equipped with crawlers and drilling equipment might be employed. Extracted ores are later transported to on-shore based refining facilities.

Processing the diamond


Regardless mining technique used, the processed ore containing diamond will undergo further process, like sorting which will determine whether a diamond is industrial or gem quality. Industrial quality diamond which usually very small will become part of sophisticated cutting machinery, drills, lathes and others.While gem quality diamond will be sorted further based on their colorations, carat (weight) with various grading standards throughout the world. The diamond might be cut to refine their shape and light reflecting property thus enhancing its aesthetically. Diamond cutting and polishing is a specialty subject requiring people with meticulous precision and experience.

Diamond polishing

Diamond wedding bands for women-Picture 04-Diamond Polishing

After cutting and polishing process, the diamond will then marketed to the diamond exchange or bourses. It can also be directly sold to jewelry house for jewelry manufacturing process. At this stage imagination of the jewel designer is the only limit to how beautiful the diamond can be made into.

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