How to design your own wedding ring in Simply Ways

design your own wedding ring-wedding ring

Design Your Own Wedding Ring – Wedding Ring

One question people might ask today is “how i can design my own jewelry for my wedding ?” and accompanied with “do i need just to go and buy it at nearest artisan ?” In this article however readers might learn a bit about jewelry design, its generic history, process and a simple (but not exhaustive) guide on starting to design your wedding ring and in general whole kinds of jewelry.

design your own wedding ring-Automated_machinery

Design Your Own Wedding Ring – Automated Machinery

Jewelry is already a part of today’s society be it rich, poor, young or old, everyone will always have at least an experience wearing it. Jewelry can take many forms, from a simple wedding ring one will hide whenever he/she got illegitimate affair to a hundred thousand dollars worth of tiara worn by Miss Universe. Art of making/designing jewelry have been around since 7000 years ago, with many form of materials depending of cultures and technological advancement around the artists.

design your own wedding ring-Computer Aided Design

Design Your Own Wedding Ring – Computer Aided Design

As with other form of art and science, jewelry design is also subject to evolution, CAD (Computer Aided Design) Now become more and more common, along with automated machinery. Thus offering more precision and flexibility compared to the more traditional hand-crafting layout. However handcrafting are still widely practiced especially for highly customized (Thus high price) design, done by the masters in field or students and entrepreneurs. who does not really have resources for automation.Jewelry design styles are also vary from ancient to contemporary one, designers also have freedoms to make their own set for their customer or for their own self satisfaction.

The creative process.

design your own wedding ring-custom made piece

Design Your Own Wedding Ring – Custom Made Piece

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After short introduction, here comes the tough part. The actual design process. Like other forms of art. Jewelry design is an acquired skills that require practice, inspiration, patience and passion to achieve result. Commercial jewelry are even more demanding with market research, timely deliveries to ensure the customer get what they want on time and material procurement since there are customer who actually care about from where diamond on their ring came from.

design your own wedding ring-kinds of jewelry

Design Your Own Wedding Ring – Kinds Of Jewelry

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Jewelry design also being offered as specialized college degree and course around the world. Readers who willing to gain in-depth knowledge and perhaps to enter commercial market is encouraged to take on the course. However for simple personal project for self satisfaction or a small commercial activities,Readers can start with articles and youtube videos on jewelry design which will be outlined below :

Simple jewelry making videos :

  • Making simple wires and beads ring by Jessica Rose

  • Youtube channel on simple jewelry productions :

Articles on how to make jewelry (DIY) :

  • Website for beginner jewelry making, have quite amount of useful tips and resources :
  • Collection of DIY on jewelry design and making by Peggy Wang :


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