Crystal wedding cake toppers, Swarovski or Pure Crystal

Crystal wedding cake toppers, Swarovski or Pure Crystal – Wedding is a sacred, elegant and (hopefully) once a lifetime experience. No wonder many people wants to make it special, great and memorable. Some of them goes to a great length that they actually putcrystal wedding cake toppers on the cake. Anyway whevener a subject about crystal is brought forward, people will remember one name, Swarovski. This article will outline a bit of history of Swarovski and on the subject of crystal toppers.


Crystal wedding cake toppers-pic-swarovski crystal wedding cake toppers

Swarovski company was founded at late 19th century at year 1895 by Daniel Swarovski. His father was a glass cutter who also found a small glass factory. The young Swarovski later take an apprenticeship there, also as a glass cutter. In 1892 Young Swarovski patented electric powered cutting machine that allows production of crystal glass.

Crystal wedding cake toppers-swarovski crystal wedding cake toppers

The company established a crystal cutting factory at Wattens, Tyrol mountain Austria. The site selection of the factory was that it allows utilization of hydroelectric power for the Swarovski’s power hungry crystal cutting machinery.

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Swarovski’s product were mainly crystal ornaments, sculptures and crystal miniatures of small animals, it’s also include jewelry and crystal cuts that one can use for crystal wedding cake toppers. Swarovski also expand to other industrial subject such as production of perfume fragrance and even down to entertainment industry. Clearly with 2 centuries of experience anyone will obviously have no doubt on quality of swarovski product. Thus make a good candidate for your crystal wedding cake toppers. Now we will move to the next subject. The topper itself.

Crystal topper

Crystal wedding cake toppers

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Since Swarovski does not yet expand its reach to cake topping product we might not really see any crystal wedding cake toppers made by them. However there are numbers of professional company out there that able to make use Swarovski’s outstanding crystal product and make your wedding cake as brilliant as diamond. One of them is couturecake jewelry which specializes in the topping and cake accessories. It was founded in 2005 by a professional cake decorator in Tucson, Arizona. Their product are unique that they use acrylic as the base of the letters instead of typical metal used by other cake topper designer. Acrylic allows the topper to be light and offer full color options.

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With those company at hand you would not need to worry about quality of your crystal wedding cake toppers as they will give you their best quality product and make your wedding a great once a life time experience.

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