Camouflage Wedding Cakes, Unique but Not New

Camouflage Wedding Cakes, Unique but Not New – Wedding cake come in all shape and size including some unusual one like camouflage cakes for wedding. It’s literally a wedding cake but with some additional “features” like British army’s now retired DPM pattern or “ghili suited” wedding cake with plant or flowery accessories. Some might view such design as ugly or horrendous. However some others maybe like a fan of military program, hunters or military serviceman may found such camouflage wedding cake as appropriate item for their grand wedding scheme. In this article however we will deal mainly with a tidbits on DPM or Disruptive Pattern Material and their variation.

The DPM camo

Camouflage wedding cakes-DPM camo

A reason on why people choose DPM as a pattern for their camouflage cakes can be or at least partially explained by the wide usage of the pattern. The DPM originated in early 1960’s with first usage in 1968 until 1990’s where it was retired by British military. Nonetheless the camouflage scheme are still widely used by military throughout the world, ranged from British colony until Indonesian military. The pattern are also changed several times with latest iteration in 1992.

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Variants of DPM are also exist elsewhere with various color depending on the battlefield condition, there are desert, city, marines and even hobbyist’s own imagination. Whichever variant you pick for your camouflage cakes for wedding you must ensure to that the color is using a safe, food grade color material. There are serious health concern if you don’t.

Other potential camouflage

Camouflage wedding cake-German flecktarn pattern

But of course DPM is not the only one camouflage scheme available for your camouflage cakes there are many others potential candidate. One of them which might be achievable in food item is German flecktarn pattern. This pattern already dated back to world war II. Modern flecktarn however was conceived in 1976. The pattern was designed by Marquardt and Schulz company. Several of them were tested in 1980’s before eventually introduced in 1990’s after unification of Germany.

Camouflage wedding cake-Pic 03

Camouflage wedding cake-pic 05

Camouflage wedding cake-pic-04

In Germany, the pattern were used by the Army (Bundeswehr), Air force (Luftwaffe) and Navy (Marine) and medical service. Some countries like Belgium and Austria. The pattern however were rejected by French and by Dutch/Netherlands which considered it as too aggressive. There were also some concern as some motive of the pattern resemble those worn by notorious SS corps in World War II, so maybe you would not want to use this pattern as your camouflage cakesif you were happen to live in Europe.

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